Kitchen Gadgets – Oreo Cookie Molds

These are always a favorite and so easy to make.  See my recipe for Chocolate Covered Oreo Cookies for complete directions and pictures.  The molds are made out of plastic and you can make 4 to 6 chocolate covered Oreo cookies at a time.

There are quite a few available online from my favorite new source, The best part is their molds are cheaper!   They have more molds than I have seen anywhere and even the mini molds for bite size Oreos.  See Kitchen Gadgets – Mini Oreo Cookies.  Remember, has a lot more molds to choose from, just visit their site.  Also, I have not taken pictures of every mold I have…  Recently (9-22-13) I posted a number of Halloween Oreo Cookies and (12-23-13) posted Christmas Oreo Cookies; Valentine Oreos for your Sweetie.

DSC_7564 DSC_7558 


1-DSC_4146 1-DSC_4148 1-DSC_4153 1-DSC_4155 

1-DSC_3814 1-DSC_3815 1-DSC_3810 1-DSC_4181

1-DSC_5398 1-DSC_5404 1-DSC_5407 1-DSC_5422 1-DSC_1872 1-DSC_1874 1-DSC_1875



1-DSC_2633 1-DSC_2650

1-DSC_3819 1-IMG_1904


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