Kitchen Gadgets – Tomato Slicers

I know this is late in “tomato season” like it is here in Michigan. Plan ahead for next year and buy yourself one of these tomato slicers. I have been using this gadget for a few years and I absolutely love it. I have always had trouble cutting a straight thin slice of tomato for … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – Breville Hot Wok

I purchased this electric wok after many years using a traditional one that I used on top of a burner on my gas range. The old one was getting kind of scummy – I know people say it was seasoned but it really wasn’t. Different from a cast iron pan!  I love this new gadget for many reasons: … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – Kitchen Scales

I am the proud owner of three different kitchen scales. Okay, why do I need three? The Salter scale is an “antique” and I have had this one a long time. It is so attractive that it sits out on my counter and I use it when I don’t need precise weights. The Soehnle Scale is easy … Continue reading

Salt Blocks for Serving, Cooking and a Few Recipes

Salt blocks and other salt mediums such as bowls and cups are a unique means of serving and preparing all kinds of recipes such as beverages, desserts, salads, grilled veggies, meat and fish. There are six techniques you can use with your salt blocks; serving, warming, curing, cooking, chilling and drinking. Mineral richness and amazing … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – KitchenAid Spiralizer

KitchenAid just introduced a new attachment called the spiralizer for their different models of KitchenAid Stand Mixers. Did you know that the first KitchenAid stand mixer was introduced in 1914?  I am on my second mixer which is bigger and more powerful. The first one made it through 30+ years of moderate to heavy use. … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets -Tortilla Warmers

I certainly have had my share of tortilla warmers, the nice ceramic or terra cotta ones that look so nice on the table.  Unfortunately, they do not stay warm very long.  I have even wrapped a few in paper towels and microwaved them for  a quick wrap but are not good for when you are … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – Baguette Baker

My new and red stoneware baguette baker is my latest addition in my kitchen.  It makes three 13-1/2″  traditional thin (2-1/4″) crispy French baguettes.  Mine were not that long but the flavor and crust were there on all three loaves. My loaves rose up and not lengthwise so much. The lid traps the steam to … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – Fish Poachers

This is one of my oldest kitchen gadgets that I have used a lot over many years.  Poached salmon for dinner was always a favorite, along with some fresh herbs, lemon slices and maybe a little sauce.  Of course the salmon can be used in salads, pasta dishes and even salmon cakes.  See my recipes … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – Ice Crushers

First we used a plastic bag filled with ice cubes and a meat tenderizer to crush ice.  I even bought an ice cube tray to make small ice cubes. Then I broke down and bought a hand crank model (the white plastic one below) which we used for a very long time.  A lot of … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – Ice Cube Trays

I have been collecting ice cube trays for some time – I like unique and fun trays that make any drink special.  So far I have 20 different ice cube trays ranging from the ones you might find in your freezer, to swizzle sticks to animals and flowers to holidays such as Halloween and even … Continue reading