Sur la table Culinary Stores and Seattle/Vancouver

Sur la table just opened in my hometown this week and yes I have already been to this new store.  First a little history…  Some 30 years ago I was lucky enough to be in Seattle with Gene who was on a business trip.  He worked while I shopped and toured  this beautiful city.  Our hotel was in walking distance to Pike Place Market and this was a recommended site to visit.  This market was established in 1907 overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront and just a beautiful place to shop and look at all of the fresh produce, flowers and especially the fish.  Oh my I never saw so many salmon in one place.  I wish I would have taken some pictures of this unbelievable market.  I thought my Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market was old,  it first began in 1919 but Pike Place is ahead of us by over 12 years.   Anyways, Pike Place  is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers’ markets in the United States.

The first and only Sur la table  store at the time was situated down near Pike Place Market.   It opened in 1972 and we were there in the late 1970’s.  The store was small but the shelves were stacked real high with all kinds of culinary tools.  I went crazy as I had just started my collection of cooking items (met Gene in 1975) who inspired me to cook and be creative – he was very passionate about his food so of course I had to have a lot of fun items to cook and bake with 🙂

Since 1972 Sur la table has opened over 100 stores in over 30 states scattered throughout the country.   I have shopped at the stores in Seattle and  Chicago.  Now Michigan has three stores (all in driving distance for me); Partridge Creek, Somerset Mall in Troy and now in Ann Arbor, Michigan which I have enjoyed shopping at.    They also have cooking classes; I have attended one on gnocchi and another on cupcake making.  They have a website and catalog with lots of interesting items for the home cook.  I highly recommend this fun store whether you shop online, visit one of their many stores or even attend a cooking class.


I do have a few pictures of Seattle, Washington and Vancouver, Canada to share.  Why I did not take any pictures of that beautiful market on the water I do not know!  Remember these pictures are over 30 years old, but if you want a fun vacation by all means go here.

Snowqualmie Falls – one of Washington’s biggest attractions.

Seattle_0001 Seattle_0002

The Herbfarm – yes I once had long hair!                   View of Seattle

Seattle_0003 Seattle_0004

The boat we took to Vancouver  and the quaint village of Victoria on Vancouver Island.

Seattle_0005 Seattle_0006

The Empress Hotel  and Bouchart Gardens in Victoria

Seattle Seattle_0007 Seattle_0008

2 thoughts on “Sur la table Culinary Stores and Seattle/Vancouver

  1. I’ve visited here, and remember the famed Pike’s Place Market and the beautiful Victoria! Sur La Table is probably my favorite kitchen store and I’ve taken some classes. I think my next one will be their macarons. I could roam this store for a few hours and not notice the time gone by!


    • Sur la table has been a favorite store for a long time, from that first shopping trip in Seattle. They have a store in Chicago and I always made a point of visiting there when we were in the city. Now, last year a store was built in my hometown (3 in Michigan now) and I am a frequent visitor. I took the macarons class last Fall – you will enjoy it. I have been wanting to make them to post but have not done so yet 🙂


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