Roasted Peppers

Chiles Rellenos was Gene’s favorite Mexican dish and what he ordered  when we went to a Mexican restaurant.  Deep frying floured, stuffed chilies was always a little awkward for me so instead I have made a casserole with the same wonderful flavors.

On my gas stove,  I use an El Asador Stove Top Grill (see below). Lightly oil the peppers and place on the grill on top of one of your  burners.  On medium-low heat slowly roast the peppers, turning frequently as they ‘pop’ and blister.  Depending on the size this could take about 20 minutes.

Immediately remove and place in a plastic bag and wrap tightly so the skins can steam.  Once they are cool you can remove the skins.

Poblano peppers just starting to blister on top of my gas burner.  See Kitchen Gadgets – Stove-Top Grill for Roasting Peppers.



I prefer to roast my peppers on the grill – as the smell stays outside and they roast more evenly.  I used a gas grill for a long time and have never tried to roast them on a charcoal grill (never owned one) but I am sure they would taste great – you just have to adjust your heat and not cook them too fast.



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