Roasted Cauliflower With Apple and Dill

Cauliflower is a favorite veggie and complemented with dill makes for a delicious side dish. Add some red onion and a good baking apple and your ordinary side dish becomes something special. This recipe comes from Chef Jerry Traunfeld of the Herbfarm Restaurant, located in the heart of wine country in Woodinville, Washington where he was … Continue reading

Roasted Shallots

I love roasting all kinds of vegetables but never roasted shallots. I had some shallots left over from making fried rings and decided to give these a try. The idea comes from Bon Appetit!

Red Cabbage and Green Beans

These are two favorite vegetables that I usually eat by themselves but never together. When I saw this recipe I thought it was a great idea to combine the two.  Just delicious with my sauerkraut apple latkes and pork tenderloin.

Steamed Vegetables

I love stir-fry vegetables, however it is nice to fix them in a healthier way such as steaming them.   The idea appeared in “Cook Healthy” and it had all of the right ingredients so I figured I would give it a go.

Coffee and Chili Roasted Veggies Two Ways

I love roasted vegetables of all kinds and usually like them cooked rather simply, with a little oil and an herb or two. Not too long ago another blogger Nancy @ Nancy Creative introduced me to this new cookbook, “Cooking with Coffee” where she made a salted dark chocolate bark for the holidays. I like specialty … Continue reading

Micro Greens

Do you have the “itch” to get out in your garden but obviously can’t because it is still winter where you live? I know I do as my part of the country has a winter storm warning. The white stuff you see in the picture  is snow! Or maybe you are limited on space as … Continue reading

Cauliflower Rice

I know, another cauliflower rice recipe, but it is something I have been wanting to make as a substitute for all  of the basmati rice I eat – I love my stir-fries. I also love cauliflower cooked many different ways and was willing to try this version of “rice”. Of course cauliflower is lower in … Continue reading

Zephyr Zucchini with Basil, Pine Nuts and Parmesan

At my Farmer’s Market recently a farmer was selling these two-toned crookneck zucchini called Zephyr and I just had to buy some.  How unique to have a yellow squash that is tipped with green at the blossom end.  Besides their designer appearance is the delicious nutty flavor.  These are now a favorite and I will have to go to the Market … Continue reading

Thai Chicken with Rice and Vegetables on the Grill

Back in late June  I picked my first jalapeno peppers from one of the three raised cedar vegetable beds (each is 3 x 6-feet) I  had installed earlier this summer.  I use to have a 40′ x 120′ garden (plus the corn/pumpkin patch) when we lived in the country.  Some old pictures… Travis and Bethany                                            Watering my garden … Continue reading