Sourdough Bread in My Mini Zo Bread Machine

When the temperature outside is higher than 90°F and you want to bake bread, you pull out your bread machine. It requires little energy and of course does not heat up your kitchen. This recipe was too easy not to try making it. If you are familiar with a bread machine then you know all you have to do is add the ingredients, select the dough type and press “start”. The setting for this bread is using the French bread cycle which takes a total of 5 hours from resting, kneading, 2 rises and then the final step of baking. All of the work is done for you!

My bread machine produced a tasty one pound loaf of bread with a nice tang of sourdough.  However, I would prefer using my sourdough starter for a boule, baguette or other baked product such as muffins, pancakes or even a cake. My Sandwich Bread for the Mini Zo is a better recipe in this case.

Here are all of the sourdough recipes I have posted so far:

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Sourdough Bread in My Mini Zo Bread Machine

For a 1 lb. loaf (Mini Zo):

  • 1 tsp. active dry yeast or instant yeast
  • 1 tsp. salt
  • 1 tsp. granulated sugar
  • 1-2/3 cups all-purpose or bread flour (I did use all-purpose)
  • 1-1/3 cups sourdough starter (I did recently feed it) at room temperature
  • 2 tbsp. lukewarm water (about 98°F to 105°F)
  • 1 tbsp. vegetable oil

Place ingredients into the pan of your machine in the order listed. Program for French Bread and press Start. Five hours later you have this fresh loaf of sourdough bread – you can actually taste a little tang of the sourdough.

Comment: If you want a crustier bread use 3 tbsp. water and no oil. Check the dough after about 10 minutes of kneading, add additional water or flour as necessary to get a soft dough. 

DSC_9519 DSC_9524 DSC_9526  DSC_9529 DSC_9530  DSC_9528

The following are the recipes I’ve posted using my Mini Zo:

  1. Oatmeal, Walnuts and Maple Bread
  2. Portuguese Sweet Bread
  3. Maple Buttermilk Bread
  4. Sandwich Bread
  5. Sourdough Bread

Everyone at Fiesta Friday seems to enjoy bread recipes, I wonder why? This is another example of how to use your sourdough starter and your bread machine if you have one. I’m sharing this yummy bread with our 3 co-hosts; Angie, Petra and me. Sorry, it’s all gone – I will have to make more to share 🙂

37 thoughts on “Sourdough Bread in My Mini Zo Bread Machine

  1. Your loaf of bread looks so perfect! I have a bread machine, and have used it a lot in the past, but never tried to make sourdough. You’re so right, a bread machine is perfect for the summer. Thank you for sharing your recipe, Judi!


    • The bread machine does it all Shari as you know. The pan inside was not locked in so it moved around a bit. I think that’s why the top is a little funny. I love the sourdough flavor and it’s fun to use 🙂


      • My picture did not show all of the settings – sorry about that. I used the French Bread setting which takes a total of 5 hours from resting to baking. The first rise is 40 minutes and the second one is 1 hour and 50 minutes. I don’t have a baguette setting. Did I answer your question? I have a great book “Bread Machine Baking” (recipes for 17 different bread machines) and it has many sourdough recipes: Beer; Buckwheat; Chevre; Cinnamon Rolls; Cornmeal; Potato Dill; and Rye. I have only scratched the surface so to speak – a lot more recipes to try 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Okay…I’m sure mine has a 5 hour setting, plus I also have a book somewhere. I’ll check it out….meanwhile, I’m just putting two lots of overnight sourdough together as I type! 🙂
        Both to be slashed with our lovely lame xx

        Liked by 1 person

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  3. What a great round up of recipes, too! I keep wanting to get a starter going everytime I see a post like this but just haven’t been able to muster up the commitment! I made sourdough decades ago when I was in my 20’s and the family was small…that doesn’t keep me from admiring yours,though!


  4. The list of sourdough breads you’ve made are giving me the nudge to get some starter going again (I haven’t had any in years)…your list is quite impressive! The bread you’re sharing today looks wonderful…wishing I had a bread machine. 🙂


    • My bread machine has its many good points: easy – just add the ingredients; doesn’t heat up the kitchen and frees you up to make other things. I really like what you can make with sourdough just by reading my list of the recipes I have made. Chocolate sourdough cake is next 🙂 The Mini Zo is perfect for 2 people Nancy!


  5. That sourdough bread looks just wonderful. I wish I hadn’t given mine away when we downsized. I do miss it. Any new toy in the kitchen has got to be exciting, kind of like a child opening up presents for Christmas. Will look forward to more bread recipes 🙂


    • I did give away my big machine to a niece and then maybe 10 years ago bought this smaller version. I like it and when I want just a little taste of fresh bread this machine fills that need 🙂 I am starting to downsize – just furniture and bigger items – kitchen will be last. My bread machine is stored in my kitchen and not the basement so that’s probably a good indication of what I might do with it – keep it 🙂


  6. I really need a brea maker. I love fresh bread but have never made it as I think it is so much work! Having a machine do all the grunt work appeals to me. This looks lovely.


  7. Hello. I just got my mini zo and wanted to try a sourdough recipe. I’m a newby at bread making. The manual recommends doing the wet ingredients first. Your list seems to be the reverse order of what the manual recommends. Does it matter? Also, are the oil and water in your comment in addition to your recipe or does it replace the 1/3 cup of water? Thank you!!


    • Hi Janet – I have changed my recipe as noted above as it was confusing. This is a King Arthur Flour recipe (not a recipe from my Mini Zo Bread Machine Manual) – see Bread Machine Sourdough Bread for the original recipe. KAF is a great source for bread recipes! My manual also lists the wet ingredients first and they say it is important to place in the order as directed for your bread machine. As you can see from my pictures the bread turned out fine adding the dry ingredients first. I hope this answers your questions… let me know if you need further clarification or have more questions.


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