Football Oreos Covered in Chocolate

College football has started – The University of Michigan  had its first game last weekend.  Needless to say we beat our first opponent by 50 plus points.  Hardly what you would call a good game but at least we won; poor Central Michigan!   We play Notre Dame this weekend and they will be a challenge to beat, but I know we can do it this year!  My niece Bethany and a sister Terri are both graduates of Notre Dame – as a matter of fact my sister was in the first freshman class when females were allowed to attend.  GO IRISH!

I graduated from this well known school with a Masters Degree in Library Science (now called  School of Information).  We use to go to the games, being an alumni I kept my tickets for quite awhile but eventually we started to enjoy watching the game inside and I still do.  No more dealing with the elements if you know what I mean.  The bees and hot sun this time of the year and possibly snow in November, if nothing else it is cold that time of the year!  GO BLUE!

How about serving these delicious chocolate covered Oreos in a football mold at your next game day party?

DSC_0639 1-DSC_0638

  • football mold
  • dark and white chocolate candy melts
  • Oreo cookies (sugar free, regular or double stuffed)
  • paint brush (very small bristles)

DSC_1337 DSC_0645


The dark melts are just starting to melt after 50 seconds in the microwave and the white melts are ready  to be used.  Place the bowl of candy melts in the microwave for 50 seconds full power; stir and place back in the microwave for increments of 15 seconds, then stir and keep doing this until you have a smooth consistency.

DSC_1338 DSC_1332

There are only four molds for cookies so they do take a little time, just in chilling the chocolate.   Most of the molds you can buy from have 6 pockets to make cookies.   If you need to make a bunch I would suggest buying a couple of molds.

From top left to right: the first mold I painted the white design and let dry.  Then I added a thin layer of chocolate (be sure it is not too hot or the white could run).  Third, I placed an Oreo cookie in the middle and pressed down. And for the last step I poured more chocolate covering the entire Oreo.  Should the candy melts start to harden you can microwave again for 10 seconds.

DSC_1340 DSC_1341 DSC_1342 DSC_1343

Chill thoroughly in the refrigerator or in the freezer before removing from the mold.   You can see the yummy Oreo inside the chocolate; this time I used regular Oreos but you can also use the double stuffed if you want more cookie than chocolate.


There are many designs to choose from; I have a bunch of Oreo cookie molds in different shapes.  See Kitchen Gadgets – Oreo Cookie Molds; Chocolate Covered Oreo Easter Cookies; Mardi Gras Oreos with Chocolate Transfers;   Kitchen Gadgets – Mini Oreo Cookies; Halloween Oreo Cookies and Christmas Oreo Cookies.

You can also use football chocolate transfers to decorate your cookies.  Click this link Football Transfers and More for Chocolate Covered Oreos.

Use a plain mold or the football shaped mold.

DSC_1865 DSC_1859

The chocolate transfers show up better on white chocolate.

DSC_1864 DSC_1877

There is now a new mini football mold available:


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