Chocolate Raspberry Thumbprints

Thumbprint cookies are fun to make because you can add any filling you want – this is a cookie that can be made to your taste and of course your family. I was thinking about Valentine’s Day and something sweet to make and this cookie popped up. First as an email from KAF (King Arthur Flour) … Continue reading

Decorating Gingerbread Men

Gingerbread cookies probably are at the top of my list of favorite Holiday cookies. There are so many ways to decorate gingerbread men but I thought these three were really cute ideas. How about a gingerbread man hugging a tiny graham teddy bear? What a great idea coming from Christmas Cookies by Better Homes and Gardens. Are these … Continue reading

Honey-Orange Madeleine Santas

Ho!Ho!Ho! I made my first madeleines back in 1994. How do I know – well I saved this May, 1994 recipe from Bon Appetit and wrote “great – G’s favorite”. G of course is Gene, my best friend, hubby and companion for so many years. I made two other recipes at the time from Chocolatier … Continue reading

Witches’ Fingers Cookies

It’s that time of the year when I am thinking about Fall, apples and pumpkins and such and then of course one of my favorite holidays, Halloween.  I seem to be on a “witches fingers kick” with Chocolate Covered Halloween Pretzle Fingers so now I am adding some very cute cookies you can make. Martha … Continue reading

Michigan Windmill Cookies

My niece and I made these cookies in a Zingerman’s Bakehouse Detroit Classics class back in June. We used a windmill cookie cutter instead of a speculaas mold (see pictures below). I have provided instructions for making molded cookies or using cookie cutters. First a little history… Back in 1926 the Steenstra family immigrated to … Continue reading

Oreo Holiday Lollipops

Happy Holidays to everyone with one last treat – Oreo Lollipops!  While shopping recently at my local baking store they had these cute chocolate covered Oreos on a stick for sale.   I knew I  could make these at home and I already had everything but the Oreo cookies.  I bought two sizes; double-stuff and … Continue reading

How to Eat a Gingerbread Man Cookie

This baking journey started back in July, 2014  when a fellow blogger posted a recipe for her blue partially eaten gingerbread men.  Yes, one cookie cutter’s head was missing, another the right arm and the third cookie cutter had a left leg missing.  Katkapow made sugar cookies for a friend’s baby shower and she tinted them … Continue reading

My Holiday Cookie Table

Actually there are more than just cookies that we made this year, as nuts and fudge were added to have a nice variety.  A sister came up for the weekend and we made 8 different treats for the holiday season.  I am blessed to have two sisters, my best friends, to share so much with. … Continue reading

Caramel Pumpkin Pie Thumbprint Cookies

I keep telling myself not to make any new recipes and post all of the drafts I have (which I have been trying to do)  but I could not resist these cookies by Joy The Baker.  Especially, since this is the holiday season and people want to see yummy desserts.  This delicious recipe appeared in … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Chocolate Covered Oreos

More Oreos…  Search “Oreos” for the many molds I have used and directions on how to make them – I do have a bunch!  Check out Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Football, Halloween, Easter and so on.  Some gardening Oreos too 🙂 Turkeys: Mini and large pumpkins…