Pico de Gallo and Edible Bread Spoons

I love salsas of all kinds because of the different veggies, herbs/spices and fruits you can use. A tomato based salsa is best when fresh tomatoes are available. I made this recipe during off season and used Roma tomatoes. You can see the tomatoes are not very red but when you add the lime, jalapeno, … Continue reading

Cucumber Melon Salsa

I like to serve salsas alongside a main dish especially during the summer  months when all of the vegetables and fruits are so fresh here in Michigan. Cantaloupes are a favorite fruit when they are ripe and juicy.  I use to grow them in Manchester in my big 40 x 120′ garden.  My only problem was so many of … Continue reading

Watermelon Salsa

This is one of the best salsas I have ever had, the fresh fruit, lime and basil makes all of the difference.  This recipe comes from the Food Network which I have adapted to my taste and is now a favorite that I am sure family and friends will enjoy.  

Feta Cheese Corn Salsa

I love the flavors in this salsa – it would be so much better with fresh Michigan corn, but not until August! Oops! I forgot to add the red onion!

Margarita Grouper with a Tomato Salsa

This is a very flavorful dish with the orange and lime marinade and then topped off with a fresh tomato and jalapeno salsa.    Margaritas are enjoyed in my family so I always have the ingredients on hand.   They do sell these convenient mini bottles of ready-to-go margaritas, about 1 cup per bottle,  just enough to marinate a few fillets.

Mango Salsa Two Ways

This is a sweet and spicy salsa that pairs perfectly with any kind of fish.  Fresh ingredients are important, if possible,  when you make this salsa.  Recently I served this with Asiago Tilapia – very good!  Recently (June 22, 2013) I have included a Weight Watcher’s recipe. Mango Salsa with Asiago Tilapia  

Appetizer Roll-Ups Nine Ways

I have a few recipes to share of a very simple appetizer and something you can get ready the night before.  Two are using ham slices, one uses beef or corned beef and six use tortillas.  Five of the roll-ups have no meat.  These recipes are just some guidelines as you can be very creative with the … Continue reading