Pico de Gallo and Edible Bread Spoons

I love salsas of all kinds because of the different veggies, herbs/spices and fruits you can use. A tomato based salsa is best when fresh tomatoes are available. I made this recipe during off season and used Roma tomatoes. You can see the tomatoes are not very red but when you add the lime, jalapeno, onions and cilantro it tastes pretty good. At least I did not have to “salt” the tomatoes as they were not very juicy.

This salsa is sometimes called salsa fresca, salsa picada, salsa Mexicana, and salsa bandera.

Pico de Gallo and Edible Bread Spoons

The following ingredients are combined according to your taste:

  • tomatoes, small dice; seeded and sometimes I will peel the tomatoes
  • red or white onion, small dice
  • garlic clove, minced (optional and to taste)
  • jalapeno peppers, seeds and membranes removed (optional for less heat); finely diced
  • cilantro to taste (I am not a big fan of cilantro so sometimes I add parsley instead)
  • fresh lime juice to taste (if the tomatoes are very flavorful you might not need this) – you could also use red wine vinegar
  • salt to taste

If the tomatoes are in season salt them a little and allow to drain for 30 to 60 minutes. This is important if you are making bruschetta or my edible bread spoons – you don’t want the bread to get soggy.

Combine the above ingredients – the pico de gallo will stay fresh for a few days.

See also Pico de Gallo using fresh and canned tomatoes. For the bread spoons go to Homemade Edible Bread Spoons



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