Potato-Chorizo Sopes With Avocado Crema

Sopes are a traditional Mexican dish found throughout  Mexico and there are  thousands of regional favorites. Sopes are  like thick tortillas  made with masa harina and  have pinched sides. These savory tarts are often served for dinner but can also be made smaller and  served as appetizers. The best part is the various toppings you can … Continue reading

Smacked Cucumber With A Sweet Sour Sauce

Do you ever “smack” your food? You can tenderize meat or massage greens but I never imagined myself “smacking” a cucumber. Yes, in this recipe you use a blade of a cleaver or a rolling pin and smack a whole cucumber hard a few times. This encourages the cucumber to loosen its flesh and absorb the flavors of … Continue reading

Warm Black Bean Dip in a Salt Bowl

Last week I published a very long, but informative post, on salt blocks and other salt vessels. I also included a few recipes on how I used each vessel. I made this dip in one of my salt bowls and it was just delicious. It turned out so good I wanted to post it separately. … Continue reading

Crudite Pouches for Super Bowl

Here is another fun project your children might enjoy doing (the older ones) and this too comes from the Food Network Magazine.  All you need is some parchment paper and some veggies. I’m sure other kinds of paper would work too – just experiment. You cannot just have chicken wings, chili and goodies like that … Continue reading

Avocados with a Twist

This idea appeared in the Food Network Magazine in January, 2013.   I added my herb and flower crystals as another choice in spicing up these slices of avocados. For more information see my post Herb and Flower Crystals for Sweet and Savory Dishes and some ways to use them.          I’m sharing some … Continue reading

Mini Lobster Quiches

HAPPY NEW YE AR AND THE BEST IN 2016!  Each year I try to come up with a new appetizer for New Year’s Eve  and this was my choice for 2015. Serving a variety of appetizers is a favorite way to entertain. So many recipes can be prepped or done ahead of time and even … Continue reading

Buckeye Candy

How about some Buckeyes while you watch college football over the Thanksgiving weekend. There is a lot of eating and watching football during this holiday in my family. It is also the University of Michigan (my alma mater) and Ohio State University game. This is one of the biggest college games for my  hometown of … Continue reading

Boiled Cider-Cinnamon Spread with Assorted Dippers

This is absolutely delicious and a perfect spread to make with homemade boiled cider. I have also included a number of dippers such as apple slices, toasted bread, pita or bagel slices to serve with this very yummy spread. I could not quit eating it and had to force myself to save it for guests … Continue reading

Fiery Sriracha Oyster Crackers

We all like Sriracha Sauce or some kind of hot sauce, don’t we?  I sure do and this recipe is a perfect example of what “heat” can do to a cracker. This comes from the latest Martha Stewart Living magazine and looked  simple and a sure winner for a holiday snack this weekend. I mean … Continue reading

Buttered Radish Tartines

Have you noticed that radishes are appearing in more and more recipes? I sure have and in Cooking Light July 2015 issue there was an article on French vegetable cooking and one of the recipes was these radish tartines. The best part  is I grew the identical radishes that were mentioned in the recipe. The … Continue reading