Homemade Edible Bread Spoons for Appetizers

One good thing when you downsize and move you discover things you forgot you had. Even though it has been nine months since I moved I still have boxes I have not unpacked – basement kitchen overflow. These edible bread spoons are fun to make and fill!

The Oscars are tomorrow night and I’ve provided a unique way to serve a bunch of different appetizers. There are links to 12 different toppings that would be perfect for these tasting spoons made out of bread. No waste and nothing to clean!

This nice little kit comes with 12 tasting spoons, a spoon mold cutter, simple instructions and suggestions for serving. Also, it is made in the UK @ ediblespoons.co.uk  I bought this quite awhile ago and I checked and the company is still around!

Of course you can find other “tasting” spoons online to use as molds (they need to be ovenproof)  and if you have a creative “Jack of all Trades husband”  he can make you a form to fit your spoons 🙂 My hubby would have welcomed the challenge!

There are numerous options for filling the bread spoons – see links below. I decided to  make shrimp cocktail, caramelized onions and blue cheese, potato chorizo with guacamole, fruit appetizers and pico de gallo to give you an idea of how they look when filled.

Homemade Edible Bread Spoons for Appetizers

  • metal spoons and spoon cutter kit
  • slices of white bread (I used a thin white sandwich bread – Pepperidge Farms)
  • heavy duty rolling pin
  • toppings for your appetizers (see my suggestions and links to recipes)

Roll out each bread slice with a rolling pin using lots of pressure, turn and repeat the action to get a thin slice. The fresher the bread the thinner it can be rolled out. Use the cutter to cut out spoon shapes. You need to press very hard to cut through the bread – I had to use a sharp knife in some places. I was able to get 2 spoons out of each slice.

After you have made each bread spoon place each on a former and press well in the bowl part and handle so that they are molded in.  Place bread spoons on a baking sheet.  If you would like an extra crispy finish brush with a little olive oil before baking – not really needed.

Bake in a preheated 350°F oven for 15 to 20 minutes until slightly brown. I took the spoons out after 10 minutes so watch carefully that they don’t overbrown!

Use the leftovers to make breadcrumbs. The spoons will keep for a few weeks unfilled – just keep in a covered container.

The following are some examples of what you can serve on these edible bread spoons. Be creative as the possibilities are endless…

  1. Shrimp cocktail with seafood sauce
  2. Caramelized onions with blue cheese (or goat cheese) and a drizzle of honey
  3. Ricotta Vegetable Carpaccio
  4. Fruit appetizers with an orange/cream cheese base and your choice of fruit, small dice
  5. Potato Chorizo with Guacamole or Avocado Crema
  6. Tomato bruschetta with red onions
  7. Bacon Jam with Applewood smoked bacon and maple syrup
  8. Cold veggie pizza bites with a cream cheese base and your choice of veggies, small dice
  9. Marinated goat or feta cheese with fresh herbs
  10. Mango Salsa with red and jalapeno peppers
  11. Pico de Gallo with fresh tomatoes, jalapenos, onions and lime
  12. Queso Dips Nine Ways


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31 thoughts on “Homemade Edible Bread Spoons for Appetizers

  1. Enjoyed your blog today. I had to do a double look as I have never heard of edible spoons. Very cute and they would be perfect in my family. I can’t wait to try this. Thank you so much for sharing.Look forward to reading more of your posts.


  2. Judi these are just gorgeous. I’ve only ever made edible chocolate spoons for hot chocolate so these are something new to me – and from the UK too! I love all your fillings and I’m thinking pizza or Mexican style would work great for us. Thanks for bringing to Fiesta Friday. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. x


  3. I thought initially it was a dough thing but I was pleasantly surprised how easily you made the spoons. Thanks for the idea and also the different serving options you gave us Aunt Juju. And I am even more amazed that you actually made all the different appetizers. Thanks for sharing👍🏻😊


  4. Oh my are these just so precious or what Judi? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them before. When I next visit the UK, (which is every year to see my family), I’ll have to take a look around and look for these. Coming up with different filling options would have had to be fun too. I can just see these being popular at cocktail parties. Really cute post!


    • I did buy the kit some time ago (not very expensive) and when I recently checked they are still in business. So, they must have a popular item to sell – I can see why. Lots of fun to make and more fun to fill – I kind of went overboard but I already had a few appetizers which were frozen 🙂


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