Holiday Kielbasa Brunch

Holiday kielbasa is often a part of our seasonal menu.  This is usually served on Christmas morning as the main entree of  a special brunch.  It began many years ago when a co-worker of a sister made this for a company potluck.  Plain, simple and delicious!  I always thought this recipe originated from my Dad but this year I found out it was through a sister!  I fix kielbasa and other types of sausage throughout the year but at Christmastime I buy “Holiday Kielbasa”.


Because kielbasa is precooked, the time it spends cooking infuses it with the flavors you add.  I like to  heat it slowly and smell the wonderful aroma that comes from this sausage – drives everyone crazy!

A little history; “kielbasa” means sausage in Polish and is originally from Poland.  We are not Polish but love this kind of a meal – I think it’s due to our part German heritage.  It’s become popular in the United States and other countries as well.  I know it is a big hit in my family, at least for the “meat lovers”.

Other brunch items on my menu include some kind of eggs, whether they are scrambled,  my Company Brunch or perhaps my Quiche Lorraine. Muffins are expected such as Banana Blueberry or Raspberry.  Fresh fruit is a favorite in my family and welcomed any time I serve it.  Beverages would vary such as some kind of juice, usually orange; hot coffee or tea, maybe hot chocolate for the younger crowd and for some adults Mimosas with champagne. Gene had to have a big glass of milk – he loved his dairy products!

This is another tradition I grew up with as a young adult and one I try to continue.  I am bringing this Christmas Day brunch that can be made any time of the year to Angie’s after Christmas party over at The Novice Gardener.  Thanks so much Angie, for giving so much of us that holiday spirit 🙂

To accompany this tasty sausage are different varieties of mustard for dipping.  Yes, we like our mustards – in my refrigerator I have 8 different kinds. For Christmas this year I only served four; Grey Poupon Dijon, French’s Horseradish mustard, Gulden’s Spicy Brown Mustard and Zatarain’s Creole Mustard.

DSC_5140  DSC_5153

Now, to cooking it…

Holiday Kielbasa Brunch

  • kielbasa sausage
  • beer or white wine
  • seasonings of your choice (the sausage is made of pork and spices so quite seasoned already)
  • sliced onions
  • brown sugar (optional) I never add as I do not like it sweet at all (if using add when you are cooking the kielbasa and onions)

Cut the links into small pieces, just enough for  the crowd you are serving.  I bought a 5 lb. bag and only cooked a portion of it.  I will probably serve it again before the year is over.  You can brown the kielbasa and onions if you want – this time I did not do that.  I like to cook it in one of my slow cookers as that keeps the oven free for a casserole or potato dish.

Add all of your ingredients, cover and cook on high or low depending on how much time you have, 2-4 hours.   Of course you can cook this in your oven at a low temperature, say 300°F, for a few hours. 

DSC_5149 DSC_5155 DSC_5160 DSC_5161

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