Dublin Coddle

You know how words can grab your attention. Well, that’s what happened with this recipe; “Dublin Coddle” sounded like something I would enjoy making. According to Cook’s Country “This old-school derivative of Irish stew layers pork sausage, bacon, onions, potatoes, and stock to “coddle”, or slowly simmer.” Not only the name but the ingredients tweaked my interest. Besides … Continue reading

Roasted Cauliflower Stir-Fry

Cauliflower is a favorite vegetable and when I read “roasted” and “stir-fry” I knew this would be a great recipe. I have adapted this from: http://thewoksoflife.com/2014/05/easy-roasted-cauliflower-stir-fry/ I am sharing this recipe with Angie, Antonia and Sandhya over at Fiesta Friday #139.   Can you see the steam flowing out of the cauliflower dish in two of … Continue reading

1770 House Meatloaf

This is a favorite dish Ina Garten often orders when she dines at the 1770 House in East Hampton, New York. Being that it is one of her favorites I know it would be a favorite of mine too! The Inn was originally built as the home of William Fithian back in 1663.  It was … Continue reading

Elaine’s Rose Harissa Spice Mix

I fell in love with this mix when I first saw Elaine’s post. Rose petals and lots of spicy seasonings truly appealed to my taste buds. For Elaine’s original recipe go here. As a matter of fact I picked it to be a feature and it was that week! Many have already seen Elaine’s Rose Harrisa … Continue reading

Cooking Tidbits – Freezing Bacon Grease

Sometimes I like to use bacon fat to brown meat such as my Pork Roast with Sour Cream Gravy. I never cook a lot of bacon at one time unless my nephews are visiting or I am making lots of BLT sandwiches. So, I don’t usually have bacon grease on hand. I recently read a … Continue reading

Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Apples

A pork tenderloin is my favorite cut of pork as it is lower in fat and lends itself very well to all kinds of recipes. The number of recipes I have in my blog testifies to the fact that I love this meat. This old recipe is adapted from Chef Bruce Aidell, originator of the … Continue reading

Cooking Tidbits – Freezing Bacon

I read this tidbit somewhere but cannot remember where I saw it. I often only need 1 or 2 slices of bacon; for a salad, to season a vegetable, to make a BLT. Gone are the days when I cooked a pound of bacon (except when I have company). All you do is roll up … Continue reading