My Holiday Cookie Table

Actually there are more than just cookies that we made this year, as nuts and fudge were added to have a nice variety.  A sister came up for the weekend and we made 8 different treats for the holiday season.  I am blessed to have two sisters, my best friends, to share so much with.  I did a little work ahead of time and made some of the cookie dough.

DSC_5046 DSC_5051

I am sharing my holiday treats for 2014  with all of the party goers at The Novice Gardener.  I am a co-host this week along with Margy @lapetitecassserole and we are having such fun.  Please consider joining this weeks party – it ends this Wednesday at noon!  Just click on the links for the recipes that I often serve over the holiday season.

Spritz Cookies Three Ways

Out of the three varieties we made the Cream Cheese Spritz.  The cream cheese made for a soft dough and we loved the hint of lemon.  We tinted part of the dough green for the trees and left the rest white.  The dough can be made ahead of time and brought to room temperature before making.

DSC_5064  IMG_0979

Mom’s Christmas Sugar Cookies

This is my oldest cookie as our mom used to make these for us.  When we were older, of course, we participated in the fun.  A great cookie that you can decorate any way you want.

My family likes an iced cookie and no sprinkles after they have been baked.   My sister, on the other hand, paints a thin layer of icing, and then adds sprinkles of all colors making them very sparkly and seasonal.  We made her version as both ways are delicious.  This dough can be made ahead of time and brought to room temperature before baking.

DSC_5027    DSC_5039

Pizzelles Two Ways

This is one of the easiest cookies to make – no baking!   We just love the flavor of anisette.  You do need a special pizzelle iron and they come in two sizes.  One makes 4 small cookies and the other makes 2 larger ones.  I have the smaller one and some time ago I gave my sister my larger one.


Lemon Thyme Shortbread

I made these delicious cookies before the cold weather hit my thyme plants.  Lemon, ever so lightly, just adds a great citrus touch.  Then the thyme – well that is one of my favorite herbs to use not only in baking but cooking as well.  So, all I had to do was thaw some rolls, slice them and bake.


Gingerbread Men Two Ways 

I use the first recipe all of the time and it is an old recipe.  The second one is just as good if you would prefer a chocolate gingerbread man.  I probably have a total of 30 different sizes and shapes of gingerbread cookie cutters.  I have a few rather new ones to share that gives the cookies a very special touch.

How about a running gingerbread man?  Run, run you can’t catch me I am the Gingerbread Man!  With these cookies I use a baked on icing.  You can find the recipes by clicking the link above.


This one is my all-time favorite.  I think they speak for themselves – I love things that make me smile 🙂

DSC_5063  DSC_5069

How about a tiny gingerbread man “glued” with a little icing on a small gingerbread house.  Love the gingerbread men with the gold buttons!

DSC_5031  DSC_5060

There is a story to these cookies and I will post it soon.  An idea I read on one of the Fiesta Fridays!

1-DSC_5041 1-DSC_5042 1-DSC_5044 1-DSC_5045

Gene’s Chocolate Fudge

This is Gene’s favorite fudge that he, yes I said he, would make every holiday season.  I was his assistant; I would do the shopping,  getting everything ready, doing the dishes and he would cook the fudge.  We make 2 varieties, one with walnuts and one without.


Cinnamon Sugar Pecans

Everyone likes these crunchy and sweet pecans with a yummy cinnamon flavor!


Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Bites

So easy to make with only 3 ingredients and 2-3 minutes in the oven and you have a quick but salty/chocolate treat.