Valentine Mini Oreo Hearts

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so how about sharing these chocolate covered mini Oreos with your loved ones! This is one of the easiest to make as there is no detail to fill in – the writing is imprinted on each mold – a total of 3 molds with 6 different sayings per … Continue reading

Chocolate Covered Oreo Gingerbread Men

I just received this cute Christmas Gingerbread Men  mold (along with the tree and poinsettia) in time to make some for the holidays. Two day priority mail took 9 days – such is the post office this time of year! I have quite a collection of mini and regular sized molds that I have posted … Continue reading

Pecan, Chocolate and Salted Caramel Candies

Ingredients for these candies have been sitting around in my pantry since the holidays. Such a simple dessert and I never got around to making them. Recently, I needed something sweet and remembered these candies. These are so good; nothing better than pecans, caramel, chocolate and a sprinkling of Fleur de sel. I’m taking these … Continue reading

Buckeye Candy

How about some Buckeyes while you watch college football over the Thanksgiving weekend. There is a lot of eating and watching football during this holiday in my family. It is also the University of Michigan (my alma mater) and Ohio State University game. This is one of the biggest college games for my  hometown of … Continue reading

Candied Fruits for Sweet Desserts

My Taste of the South magazine had 3 good ideas for candied fruits to serve with desserts.  I had all of these fruits leftover from Thanksgiving so what the heck I decided to try it.  They are sweetened cranberries,  glazed citrus and candied kumquats. I guess I should explain – I first made this fruit back … Continue reading

My Holiday Cookie Table

Actually there are more than just cookies that we made this year, as nuts and fudge were added to have a nice variety.  A sister came up for the weekend and we made 8 different treats for the holiday season.  I am blessed to have two sisters, my best friends, to share so much with. … Continue reading

Halloween Treats

Over the past few years I have posted a few Halloween treats I have made.   Below, I have included pictures and links  directing you to specific posts such as chocolate skeleton cookies, meringue bones or even some punch.  I know it is early but if you are like me I like to plan ahead … Continue reading

Football Transfers and More for Chocolate Covered Oreos

I was just introduced to this fun and easy way to decorate cookies and cakes earlier this year (I should say last year).  So far I have only used them on chocolate covered Oreo cookies.  The designs I have are footballs, gingerbread men, Christmas stockings, Mardi Gras, yellow ducks, jack-o-lanterns, ladybugs and flowers. I also have … Continue reading

Chocolate and Caramel Pretzel Bites

I could not resist posting one recipe for Christmas (even though I said I was taking the rest of the year off).  This recipe is so simple and a great project for the kids, it does not take much time and best of all these little morsels are so delicious.   So, make a bunch as … Continue reading

Halloween Gingerbread House

For almost 20 years my family  made gingerbread houses as a Christmas holiday tradition; up to six houses one year (one per family).   Please click on the following link Gingerbread Houses for some ideas and instructions. I even made a Halloween Gingerbread House.     Also, check out my recipe for Royal Icing as Glue or to Decorate Cookies.  Anyways, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! … Continue reading