Fried or Baked Okra Appetizers

From a recent recipe (actually back in August) I posted on New Orleans I had some leftover okra.  I was first introduced to this veggie on a trip down south, New Orleans specifically and I just love it.  Here in Michigan they come in a package (actually I finally found some in bulk at an Indian grocery store and they were much bigger).  As I did not need all of them I came up with a standard recipe for deep frying the rest.  I know, I really do not deep fry much of anything any more but these are definitely a treat when they are fried!  Of course you can always bake them.

Fried or Baked Okra Appetizers

  • okra, trimmed and discard tip and stems; cut into 1/2-inch to 1-inch slices
  • low-fat buttermilk
  • hot sauce
  • equal amounts of flour and cornmeal or just use all cornmeal
  • seasonings of your choice such as Cajun or Creole
  • salt and pepper to taste

Place buttermilk in a small bowl and add a few dashes of hot sauce; combine the flour and cornmeal and seasonings in another bowl.  Dip the okra first in the buttermilk and then the flour mixture to coat.  Heat the oil until hot and fry a few at a time until nicely browned, about 5-10 minutes.  Remove and drain on paper towels.

If you would like to bake them, preheat your oven to 350°F and cook for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.  I would place them on a rack over a tray so they will get nice and brown all over.

Serve with any sauce you would like such as plain ole ketchup and ranch dressing for the kids or kick it up a notch and serve a homemade cocktail sauce and a creamy caesar dressing or use your own dip recipe.

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