Cooking Tidbits – Is an Egg Fresh?

Do you ever wonder if an egg is fresh?  I tried this experiment awhile ago and thought I should share it.  I will be posting a number of “draft” recipes such as this one to clean up my files. I have way to many “drafts” and I need to decide what to do with them !!!

Place the egg in a glass of cold water; if the egg is fresh, it will remain on the bottom of the glass like in the picture on the left.   If it floats to the top like in the picture  on the right get rid of it as you do not want to eat it or use in any recipe.  As eggs get older they fill with air and will float higher the older they are. Pretty simple and something I will do should  I have any doubts.

I had 3 eggs left in a carton and I was not certain how old they were.  So, two out of the three were good, but one was not.  Go figure. but I threw out the one that floated.  By the way  you should always store eggs in their carton in the center of your refrigerator  and not in the door.

DSC_4635   DSC_4631

16 thoughts on “Cooking Tidbits – Is an Egg Fresh?

  1. This is a keeper! Another thing that I learned, if you buy eggs, the three digit number on the outside of the container is the day they were gathered (julian date) It can very greatly from when they make it to the store so pick the largest (most recent) number.


  2. Great post! I will check with the 4 eggs I have left in my carton too! It is so good to know these simple yet effective things we can do.
    Thanks for posting this!


  3. I saw this little trick on Pinterest a while back and always wondered if it actually worked. Thanks to you…I now know it does! Thanks for sharing this great tip from your “test kitchen”, Judi. 😀


    • I must have read it somewhere as I am not on Pinterest very much, except I do get emails. Thanks Nancy – this may not be of interest to many but I have a number of drafts I want to clean up before the year is over. Now, is a good time as the holidays can get so busy 🙂


    • A fun experiment! The temp in the door changes too much as you open and close it. Inside the fridge eggs in their carton are protected from this fluctuation. So, nothing should be stored in the door that cannot handle it – that’s why I store only my condiments and wine there. I have been doing that for a long time 🙂


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