Kitchen Gadgets – Rice Cookers

I especially use this when I make Weight Watcher’s Fried Rice or Weight Watcher’s Black Bean and Rice Enchiladas and need plain, cold rice.  There are a lot of versions out there and mine is a Zojirushi.  Measure the water and the rice and let it go; 20 minutes later and you have your rice.

This kitchen gadget makes a lot of rice, perfect for cold rice when you need it or serving a crowd.  I often will freeze the rice in portions just to have it on hand.

I also have a Breville Risotto Plus that not only makes plain rice, but risotto, wild rice, sushi and quinoa.  It also steams and is a slow cooker.  I love this rice cooker because it cooks all the types of rice.  See Kitchen Gadgets – Breville The Risotto Plus.


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