Mexican Rice with Tomatoes and Jalapenos

This tomato-based red rice is a popular side to serve with many Mexican dishes. It’s very easy to make ahead and reheat when you need to serve it. Served with Spicy Mexican Refried Beans and Chicken Chimichangas – Baked…

The Gandy Dancer’s Rice Pilaf

I have found a new rice and a delicious recipe to use it in. Parboiled rice was brought to my attention with Chef Larry’s recipe, a former chef at The Gandy Dancer. I did not quite understand what parboiled rice was so once again I searched the internet for answers to my questions. I used the article … Continue reading

Cauliflower Rice

I know, another cauliflower rice recipe, but it is something I have been wanting to make as a substitute for all  of the basmati rice I eat – I love my stir-fries. I also love cauliflower cooked many different ways and was willing to try this version of “rice”. Of course cauliflower is lower in … Continue reading

Thai Chicken with Rice and Vegetables on the Grill

Back in late June  I picked my first jalapeno peppers from one of the three raised cedar vegetable beds (each is 3 x 6-feet) I  had installed earlier this summer.  I use to have a 40′ x 120′ garden (plus the corn/pumpkin patch) when we lived in the country.  Some old pictures… Travis and Bethany                                            Watering my garden … Continue reading

Cajun (Dirty) Rice Two Ways

The traditional name for this rice is “dirty rice” or “rice dressing” in certain areas of the South.  Since I do not add the “dirty” part (chicken livers or giblets), I felt “Cajun Rice” was more appropriate.   I do like rice and enjoy cooking it various ways and with different ingredients.  This is a new … Continue reading

Beef and Vegetable Stir-Fry

Stir-fries are so easy to cook, the work is in the preparation of all of the vegetables and meat if you use;   but all of this can be done ahead of time.   I like a wide variety of vegetables in many of my stir-fries, but if you like just broccoli, or perhaps peppers, then by all … Continue reading

Rice Pilaf

I am a big fan of white rice.  I have tried brown rice a number of times and so far do not care for the ‘nutty’ taste.  I know it is healthier, so I will keep trying.  For now though, this is the rice I frequently fix for my stir-fries.  This recipe came from a … Continue reading

Cashew Chicken

This recipe has been a favorite Chinese dish for a long time, ever since I took one of my first cooking classes.  Stir-fries are a great dish to fix as you can use any vegetables you and your family enjoy eating.

Kitchen Gadgets – Rice Cookers

I especially use this when I make Weight Watcher’s Fried Rice or Weight Watcher’s Black Bean and Rice Enchiladas and need plain, cold rice.  There are a lot of versions out there and mine is a Zojirushi.  Measure the water and the rice and let it go; 20 minutes later and you have your rice. This kitchen gadget … Continue reading

Red Rice on the Grill

Rice is a very versatile side dish where there is a big choice in the type of grain, what you add to it and how you cook it.  This is one of the few times I use instant rice but when you are grilling it is a good choice. Here I served it with some leftover … Continue reading