Kitchen Gadgets – Peugeot Battery Operated Salt and Pepper Shakers

I know Peugeot – that these kitchen gadgets are a little extravagant.  However, if you have arthritis in your hands, just like ‘new toys’ or you need to grind 3 tbsp. of freshly ground pepper in Salmon au Poivre, you will appreciate these salt and pepper shakers.  There are different versions available and I just happen to have the top of the line.

My old Peugeot pepper shaker finally bit the dust. Towards  the top of the shaker you can see a button to press to turn it on and it kept getting stuck and eventually quit working (or maybe I was tired of dealing with it).  I bought a new one; see below.


The new Peugeot pepper shaker turns on, on top of the grinder – you can see the blue light lit up.  This works much better…


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