Parade Punch For Mardi Gras

Oscars tonight and Mardi Gras tomorrow (actually Tuesday) – I just had to make this punch to celebrate two special events. Fill a glass full of ice, add rum to taste (optional), followed by a punch base full of fresh fruit juices, lemon-lime soda and a touch of grenadine to fill your glass. Then a splash … Continue reading

Hot Chocolate for Adults Two Ways

I get ideas for recipes in all sorts of ways. This recipe comes as a result of reading Chef Mimi’s blog recently where she posted a delicious recipe for chicken by Nigella Lawson. As I did not have any of Nigella’s cookbooks I asked Chef Mimi which ones she might recommend. One of her suggestions … Continue reading

Thai Iced Tea

This recipe comes from Italian chef, Giada De Laurentiis – she may be Italian and cooks a lot of Italian goodies but she also enjoys Thai food. Once again I was watching the Food Network channel while doing my morning workout and watched her make this tea.  It just sounded and looked so good; I … Continue reading

Strawberry, Banana and Mango Smoothies

I usually have these three fruits on hand; bananas on the counter and frozen strawberries and mangoes in the freezer. So, in Midwest Living Taste of Summer 2015 I was able to make these recently. Just delicious…

Lavender-Infused Mom Collins

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  This refreshing drink appeared in an email from Joy the Baker.  I loved the idea of using lavender as every year I harvest the flowers, dry them and save for future recipes such as this.  This is a great spring/summer drink for those who enjoy lavender as much as I do. I’m … Continue reading

Avocado, Banana and Chocolate Smoothie

While looking through some smoothie recipes I have not made yet I ran across this one by Fida   @ Sweet and Savory Pursuits which I have tweaked a little.  Just delicious sums up this recipe;  chocolatey and full of healthy ingredients.  You might substitute the vanilla almond milk for chocolate almond milk and leave … Continue reading

Mimosas Two Ways for the Holidays

I love mimosas as they are always a good drink to serve for special occasions and especially during the holidays.    I usually serve these for brunch as they add a little festivity to the occasion. I am bringing these delightful, refreshing drinks to Fiesta Friday #46 where Angie @The Novice Gardener is hosting another … Continue reading

Moscow Mules Ann Arbor Style

When a fellow blogger Ngan @ngansequitur first posted this drink recipe this past summer I was a little intrigued primarily with the name and her photography.  This drink is served in  copper mugs and that attracted me as well.  I knew I would have to get some as this drink would not be the same … Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Shots

I wanted to make a special drink/dessert for Thanksgiving and instead of a smoothie I came up with this yummy recipe.  Very simple to make ahead of time and   I know some adult family members who are going to enjoy it!  This recipe comes from Taste of Home. This is very late in the … Continue reading

Sparkling Lavender Lemonade

This is my third recipe using lavender to make lemonade and is adapted from Midwest Living.   Search lemonade and you will find my other two recipes.  Even though my lavender has already bloomed (I did find a few that had not bloomed) I dried a bunch of flowers earlier. One great thing about lavender … Continue reading