Buttered Radish Tartines

Have you noticed that radishes are appearing in more and more recipes? I sure have and in Cooking Light July 2015 issue there was an article on French vegetable cooking and one of the recipes was these radish tartines. The best part  is I grew the identical radishes that were mentioned in the recipe. The author David Tanis states ” French diners have a fetish for radishes served with good butter and sea salt. In the summer they are on the table at every meal or served alongside an apertif. At outdoor markets, bouquets of elongated red and white radishes are on display (these are called ‘French Breakfast’).”

My French Breakfast radishes…


Of course you can use any firm radish such as the common red radishes or Easter Egg radishes; it was just fun that I not only grow my own radishes, but they are an heirloom and the French love these elongated red with a white tipped radish and so do I!

DSC_6396 DSC_6400 DSC_6401

Buttered Radish Tartines, Adapted

  • your favorite compound butter (I had leftover butter from Grilled Garlic Bread) I chose not to use his version
  • French Breakfast radishes or a radish of your choice, sliced very thin
  • good whole-grain baguette or make your own – go here for my recipe
  • sea salt to garnish (just a sprinkle)
  • thyme leaves or a fresh herb of your choice to garnish

Toast your bread if desired. Spread a little butter on each slice, top with a few thin radish slices, a sprinkle of sea salt and some thyme leaves to garnish.

These are surprisingly delicious and certainly a “must make” especially if you grow your own radishes.

Recipe by cooking with aunt juju  https://cookingwithauntjuju.com/2015/06/20/buttered-radish-tartines/  

I am taking this French radish appetizer over to Angie’s party where the two co-hosts Michelle @ Giraffes Can Bake and Judi @ Cooking with Aunt Juju are celebrating Fiesta Friday #73!

25 thoughts on “Buttered Radish Tartines

    • I’m so glad these little appetizers brought back some good memories. It has been awhile since we were in France – I do not remember these tartines when we were there. I was more interested in my husband than food I think 🙂


  1. These look quite wonderful Judi, and I love what you’ve made with the radishes. I’m kicking myself now for not having added radishes to my garden. I wonder if it would be too late to throw in some plants, I think the seeds will be too late. I love their shape too. You’re absolutely right too, I have seen so many recipes lately with radishes cooked as well.


    • The seeds only take 30 days to mature – I usually grow them in the spring and fall but I may just start another crop soon. It has been rainy and on the cooler side and radishes like that kind of weather but I am sure summer will kick in soon. This is a perfect way to use any radish as they all mature at the same time almost and you need to use them in recipes. .


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