Radish and Cucumber Salad with Basil

This salad just says Spring. Cucumbers and radishes are a popular twosome that only requires some fresh herbs and a light dressing. I like to use English cukes and then vary the radishes when I can find them. I have discovered that it is better to grow your own radishes to get the many varieties … Continue reading

Crunchy Pickled Radish Slices

With this season’s radishes I was looking forward to planting new seeds, harvesting and eventually eating the l-inch or bigger bulbs I bought called watermelon radishes. They are round and very unique with red, white and green coloration resembling a watermelon. This is the latest in radishes and I have been saving all kinds of … Continue reading

Buttered Radish Tartines

Have you noticed that radishes are appearing in more and more recipes? I sure have and in Cooking Light July 2015 issue there was an article on French vegetable cooking and one of the recipes was these radish tartines. The best part  is I grew the identical radishes that were mentioned in the recipe. The … Continue reading

Gollywobbler’s Champagne Dressing

Don’t you just love the name of this dressing?  A little research led me to believe that possibly one of the owners had a sailboat/schooner as “gollywobbler in sailor’s terms means a very large quadrilateral staysail between the foremast and mainmast of a schooner.  As Michigan is “The Great Lakes State” this would not surprise … Continue reading