Pinata Cake

“Tech the halls! Gadgets to make it a holly, jolly Christmas” according to The Today Show this morning.  While working out on my elliptical  I was watching this news program and lo and behold this cake pan and cake appeared.  It has a secret pocket in the cake which you can fill with your favorite candy.  It was tinted green and had red and green m&m’s in it.

I made this cake back in August but did not post it yet because I was not too happy with the results – my fault!  I wanted to “clean it” up a bit as at the time I was in a hurry, used the wrong kind of icing and also put way to much stuff inside the “pinata”.  It was good and very appreciated but not up to par with the cakes I am accustomed to making.

Since this cake made prime time morning TV I figured I would post it now before I made it again.   So, here is my “mistake”.  Very cute anyways and maybe there are some bloggers who might like to make it this holiday season; the pan is made by Nordic Ware.

1-DSC_3752 1-DSC_3755

The picture on the left shows the cake overflowed and I had to cut away some cake to get it out of the pan.  So, do cut back on the cake mix!

1-DSC_3734 1-DSC_37351-DSC_3749

I used 2 Betty Crocker super moist triple chocolate fudge cake mixes.  Take out about 1 cup of batter from each mix.  The directions that came with the cake pan said you could substitute 2 cake mixes instead of using the cake recipe they provided.  You only get one half pan so you have to bake this cake twice.  A pound cake recipe might be better as it is firmer.

I should have iced the pinata with my Sanders Buttercream Frosting in white  and then made the Buttercream Decorator Icing for the design.  I tried to take a shortcut and used only the Sanders recipe.  Not a good idea!  The pictures below show the Sanders frosting…

DSC_3743 DSC_3744 DSC_3745 DSC_3747

9 thoughts on “Pinata Cake

  1. Great innovation! Guess I’m out of the loop when it comes to high tech pans these days. Very cute cake…I bet the uses for it are endless!


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