Homegrown Fall Lettuce

My beautiful Fall lettuce  is ready to pick for some delicious, crisp salads.    There is nothing better than lettuce freshly picked from my garden – it makes all of my salads shine!  This is my favorite thing to grow in the fall (besides garlic which I will be planting soon for a late spring/early summer harvest).  I can grow so much in these (3) 3×6′ raised beds to keep me, my family and possibly some guests happy.   A couple of tomato plants and a pepper plant were grown here during the hot summer months.  I do believe in succession planting and try to follow that practice when I can.

I have taken a lot of pretty pictures and one of my favorite salads which I will post soon.  See also my post Starting Lettuce From Seed which  gives detailed instructions on how I grow my lettuce and this year’s choices from the Ann Arbor Seed Company.

Yes, I am bringing my lettuce crop to Fiesta Friday #38 to make some delicious salads for everyone.  I know Angie and probably all of the party goers love salads because you can make them to suit your taste.  Please come visit Angie over at The Novice Gardener for some good times and great food and who knows what else!  In addition to Angie, our host, I know the two co-hosts Julianna @foodieonboard.com and Hilda @alongthegrapevine.wordpress.com love salads and they all come up with some of the most creative ways to fix them 🙂

Fiesta featured  fiesta-friday-badge-button-i-party[1]





Lettuce, ‘Pirat’:    Ann Arbor Seed Company


Lettuce, ‘Forellenschluss’:  Ann Arbor Seed Company





45 thoughts on “Homegrown Fall Lettuce

  1. Awesome! Someday I’ll have a large garden, and I plan to grow lettuce as you do. Yours looks so fresh – at the ready for making sandwiches and burgers completely fabulous.


  2. Wow, how beautiful, Judi! Fresh lettuce is such a treat and to have it in the fall is outstanding! Your pics are so pretty! Thanks for sharing them with us at FF! 😀


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    • Thanks Linda – I am definitely enjoying my Fall lettuce as it really makes a difference in a salad – none of that store bought lettuce for me right now 🙂 Enjoy your weekend – it is cold (lettuce loves it) and rainy here!


  4. Wow I adore how fresh the home grown speckled lettuce are…. its a treat to enjoy homegrown fresh veggies and greens…. your Salad looks so fresh and delish aunt Juju. .. lovely shots tooo… 🙂 🙂


  5. I could too Liz with different kinds of toppings and dressings. Lettuce is one of the easiest things to grow from seed. You only need a small area – I live in Zone 6 so I grow it according to my weather 🙂


  6. How did I not know I could grow fall lettuce in our zone??? Thanks to you, Judi, now I do. Love the variety you’re sharing with us…so pretty to look at and I imagine delicious too! ❤


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