Red Potato Salad

This is a favorite salad with everyone and enjoyed any time of the year.  This recipe has all of the goodies and then some more. I’m linking this potato salad which has been in my draft files for some time to our charming co-hosts; Angie, Petra and me 🙂

Bethany’s Broccoli Salad

My family loves broccoli served in many different ways. We like it steamed, roasted, added to a stir-fry, in macaroni and cheese, just to munch on and in salads to name a few. It’s a very versatile vegetable and so good in all kinds of recipes. This cold salad my niece Bethany shared is just … Continue reading

Cobb Salad

Way back in 1926 (or some say 1929) a restaurant shaped like a hat opened near the Ambassador Hotel. This Hollywood legend was called The Brown Derby Restaurant. They not only had a reputation for good food but it was the center of the glamorous film industry during the Golden Age of Hollywood. Everyone and … Continue reading

Gollywobbler’s Champagne Dressing

Don’t you just love the name of this dressing?  A little research led me to believe that possibly one of the owners had a sailboat/schooner as “gollywobbler in sailor’s terms means a very large quadrilateral staysail between the foremast and mainmast of a schooner.  As Michigan is “The Great Lakes State” this would not surprise … Continue reading

Spicy Peanut Butter Slaw

I actually saw this recipe by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian in a current issue of Weight Watcher’s.  It is not a WW recipe but they provided the points for this excellent slaw – only 3 points for 1 cup. I made a couple of small changes but not enough to make a difference in the points … Continue reading