Funny Frog Sliders – Boo!

Guess what we are having for lunch?  Kings Hawaiian calls them “Vampwiches” – I think they look like scary frogs with big teeth 🙂  Actually, they are kind of funny.

DSC_4596 1-DSC_4600 1-DSC_4592

Funny Frog Sliders

  • Kings Hawaiian Original  Sweet Dinner Rolls (I used Aunt Millie’s big Hawaiian Dinner Rolls because Meijer did not have what I wanted)
  • Pimento Stuffed Spanish Olives queen size (use the smaller ones if your rolls are small)
  • toothpicks
  • sharp and firm white cheddar cheese that I sliced to look like teeth
  • Mom’s Sloppy Joes – I have been eating these since I was very young (or use any filling you would like)

Slice your rolls, place your filling on the bottom half and place the teeth on top of the filling so they are sticking out.  Cover with the top part of the roll and poke your olives with toothpicks to hold in place.

These would be perfect to serve for a snack, lunch, dinner and especially a party 🙂

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I know the party goers at The Novice Gardener could use a snack and I know the two co-hosts Hilda and Julianna could eat a couple of these “fun” sliders.

39 thoughts on “Funny Frog Sliders – Boo!

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  2. What a hoot, Judi! You have really got me chuckling! You are so creative! Who eve thought that food could be funny? Thanks for the laugh and thanks for bringing your humour to FF!


  3. You are so right. I really could go for one of these right now! They are such a cute idea to help decorate our massive table at Fiesta Friday.


  4. These are the cutest sandwiches! I love them and can’t wait to make them for little ones who come by. What a fun idea and I love sloppy joes!


  5. Somehow I missed a week+ of posts from many of my favorite bloggers…you included. 😦 I’m so happy to have discovered these today though…they’re adorable! Great and fun idea!


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