Grilled Cheese with Taleggio, Onion Jam and Prosciutto

I came up with this recipe as I needed to use some onion jam I made recently with  Caramelized Onions. Everyone loves a grilled cheese because you can make it your own by the bread, cheese and other filling ingredients you like as well as the type of spread.  

Chili Cheese Dogs

What – a hot dog – sure why not! I get regular emails from Joy the Baker, the well-known American baker, and when I saw this recipe I thought I haven’t had one of these in years! I suddenly had a craving for them! When I compared it to my old recipe I decided the … Continue reading

Homemade Black Bean Burgers

There are two kinds of burgers I like to eat; Turkey and Black Bean.  Not that I won’t eat a juicy beef burger but these two varieties  are always in my freezer. I make my own Turkey Burgers and see also Cobb Turkey Burgers but I have still been eating Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burgers instead of … Continue reading

The Cobb Turkey Burger

Many  have heard of the Cobb Salad which is a main-dish American salad that is arranged in sections where each person puts together their own salad. The sections can include various types of greens, tomatoes, avocados, bacon, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, a dressing of your choice and any other ingredient you might want to include. I … Continue reading

Pita Lamb Burgers on the Grill

It’s time to fire up the grill and I did so with these great lamb burgers in pita bread.  I bought Bon Appetit’s Best Recipes 2015 and this burger from Anissa Helou was one of the recipes.  Of course you could always make these into patties and use regular buns.  Using pita bread was a … Continue reading

Beef Fajitas on the Grill or Stove

This is a favorite wrap, in addition to my Chicken Fajitas Wraps, as you can add any condiments you want.  My family has so many different tastes/likes and dislikes that this always works well with everyone. This post has my original recipe but you can use any marinade for flank steak. Recently I used my Dr. … Continue reading

Rajas Con Crema

I make your typical chicken fajitas with onions and peppers that have been marinated, cooked and then served in a warm tortilla.  The Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2014 had this as an alternative which sounded delicious and it was!  I did tweak their recipe a little by adding some cheese and giving a recipe … Continue reading

Funny Frog Sliders – Boo!

Guess what we are having for lunch?  Kings Hawaiian calls them “Vampwiches” – I think they look like scary frogs with big teeth 🙂  Actually, they are kind of funny.    I know the party goers at The Novice Gardener could use a snack and I know the two co-hosts Hilda and Julianna … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

I like to make this type of sandwich especially for a big crowd.  One benefit is I can make this in the slow cooker ahead of time and then just reheat.  I already have posted recipes for Pulled Pork and Barbecue Beef Sandwiches and now this finishes my “pulled” recipes.  I have adapted this recipe from America’s … Continue reading

Roasted Cauliflower, Pear and Butterkase Panini

On a Sunday morning I was exercising on my elliptical and watching the Food Channel and the Sandwich King was on.  Normally I do not watch this chef, Jeff Mauro, as I do not make a lot of sandwiches.  He called this recipe “Roasted Cauliflower Melt” but I preferred the name I gave it as I … Continue reading