Fiesta Friday #1 Sliders for Super Bowl

Four years ago I joined Fiesta Friday #1 (yes, the first one) when Angie’s blog was known as the Novice Gardener. Back then there were only 23 contributors – and no I was not featured ūüė¶¬† but I had lots of fun. Fiesta Friday has grown over the past four years where Angie’s blog is … Continue reading

Grilled Cheese with Taleggio, Onion Jam and Prosciutto

I came up with this recipe as I needed to use some onion jam I made recently with  Caramelized Onions. Everyone loves a grilled cheese because you can make it your own by the bread, cheese and other filling ingredients you like as well as the type of spread.  

Chili Cheese Dogs

What – a hot dog – sure why not! I get regular emails from Joy the Baker, the well-known American baker, and when I saw this recipe I thought I haven’t had one of these in years! I suddenly had a craving for them! When I compared it to my old recipe I decided the … Continue reading

Homemade Black Bean Burgers

There are two kinds of burgers I like to eat; Turkey and Black Bean. ¬†Not that I won’t eat a juicy beef burger but these two varieties ¬†are always in my freezer. I make my own Turkey Burgers¬†and see also Cobb Turkey Burgers¬†but I have still been eating Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burgers instead of … Continue reading

The Cobb Turkey Burger

Many ¬†have heard of the Cobb Salad which is a main-dish American salad that is arranged in sections where each person puts together their own salad. The sections can include various types of greens, tomatoes, avocados, bacon, chicken, hard-boiled eggs, cheese, a dressing of your choice and any other ingredient you might want to include.¬†I … Continue reading

Pita Lamb Burgers on the Grill

It’s time to fire up the grill and I did so with these great lamb burgers in pita bread. ¬†I bought Bon Appetit’s Best Recipes 2015 and this burger from Anissa Helou was one of the recipes. ¬†Of course you could always make these into patties and use regular buns. ¬†Using pita bread was a … Continue reading

Beef Fajitas on the Grill or Stove

This is a favorite wrap, in addition to my Chicken Fajitas Wraps,¬†as you can add any condiments you want. ¬†My family has so many different tastes/likes and dislikes that this always works well with everyone. This post has my original recipe but you can use any marinade for flank steak. Recently I used my Dr. … Continue reading

Rajas Con Crema

I make your typical chicken fajitas with onions and peppers that have been marinated, cooked and then served in a warm tortilla. ¬†The Best of America’s Test Kitchen 2014 had this as an alternative which sounded delicious and it was! ¬†I did tweak their recipe a little by adding some cheese and giving a recipe … Continue reading

Funny Frog Sliders – Boo!

Guess what we are having for lunch? ¬†Kings Hawaiian calls them “Vampwiches” – I think they look like scary frogs with big teeth ūüôā ¬†Actually, they are kind of funny. ¬†¬† I know the party goers at The Novice Gardener could use a snack and I know the two co-hosts Hilda and Julianna … Continue reading

Slow Cooker Pulled Chicken

I like to make this type of sandwich especially for a big crowd. ¬†One benefit is I can make this in the slow cooker ahead of time and then just reheat. ¬†I already have posted recipes for Pulled Pork and Barbecue Beef Sandwiches¬†and now this finishes my “pulled” recipes.¬†¬†I have adapted this recipe from America’s … Continue reading