Halloween Oreo Cookies

I know it is early but it is the first day of Fall (4:44 p.m. today according to my weather guy) and it is time for  pumpkins, Halloween and my birthday.  In addition it is my 600th post!  I have a few molds for Halloween so I thought it might look better to group the different molds I have and give them a separate post.

Finally Wilton has come out with an Oreo mold.  I just made the mummy head (with or without the white mask – you decide)

1-DSC_4553 1-DSC_4554

There are other molds available such as skull, spider and so on from spinningleaf.com.  These molds have been very popular on my site because they are cute and easy to make, everyone loves them.  See also Kitchen Gadgets – Mini Oreo Cookie Molds, Kitchen Gadgets – Oreo Cookie Molds Chocolate Covered Oreo Easter Cookies, Football Oreos Covered in Chocolate for more ideas.  This might be my “treat” for the Trick or Treaters this year 🙂

For the pumpkins, you need 4 colors of wafers; green for the stem, yellow for the face, orange for the pumpkin and brown to cover the cookie.  I buy these at my local baking store but many craft stores carry them or order direct from Wilton.com or FancyFlours.com.  You can buy the wafers in small or larger bags.  You also need small paint brushes to do any detail in the mold.  Then of course you need Oreo cookies 🙂  I believe this time of the year Oreo has a Halloween color with an orange filling.

DSC_0833 DSC_0645

Wafers needed for pumpkin mold!  There are two facial expressions in this mold.

DSC_0816 DSC_0818

DSC_0807 DSC_0806

Chocolate bats with yellow covering. Tombstones with white detail and chocolate covering.

DSC_0821 DSC_0822

Candy corn needs four color wafers.

DSC_0824 DSC_0815

The ghosts are cute with chocolate features and white chocolate!

DSC_0827 DSC_0795

Chocolate transfers with pumpkins on a plain mold.  You can also use these chocolate transfers on cakes and cookies.  The sheets come from fancyflours.com and are about 11 x 15 inches.

DSC_0832 DSC_0794

A new mini ghost and mini candy corn that I have not made yet…



8 thoughts on “Halloween Oreo Cookies

    • We are lucky to have so many fun places to shop – I know we will run into each other eventually. I miss having the young ones around – they would always help me make cookies like these 🙂 I love Baker’s Nook especially since their store doubled in size – a great place to shop!


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