Cuisines of Turkey Demonstration Class

I recently attended a demonstration class at Zingerman’s Bakehouse where Robyn Eckhardt shared her stories and recipes from Turkey’s cultural capital of Istanbul and included many of the diverse regions of Turkey.

The recipes Robyn made from her first cookbook “Istanbul and Beyond: Exploring the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey” included Warming Cinnamon Tea, Cheese Fondue With Corn Flour, Sun-dried Tomato and Pomegranate Salad, Fingerprint Flatbread, Meatballs With Pumpkin and Spice Butter and  Hazelnut Kadayif  Cake. Don’t they all sound so good?

Publisher’s Weekly named her cookbook one of Fall 2017’s Top Ten Cookbooks. She definitely deserved the recognition as her cookbook was well-written and filled with informative stories behind each dish. The recipes are easy to read and in a way most cooks would understand.  If you are interested in exploring the cuisines of Turkey I highly recommend her cookbook – just a delight to read and the recipes are just delicious.

Turkey is one of many countries whose cuisine I have not explored so I thought this would definitely be a good learning experience and take me to a different part of the world. Below are pictures of some of the dishes she made and shared with us – an early dinner! Everything was so good, I am not sure what I will make first or maybe I will try something new from her cookbook. The class included a signed cookbook, one more to add to my collection.

Classes at Zingerman’s include demonstration (instructor does all the cooking – we just get to eat, 2-3 hours); demonstration/participation (instructor demonstrates some recipes and others students get to make, 2-3 hours); full participation (usually a 4 hour class where the students do all of the cooking/baking). They also have weekend long baking classes!

On a different note Robyn spent some of her younger years in Grosse Pointe Park, Michigan just like I did – only at different times! Just a few streets down from where my family lived. Small world…

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18 thoughts on “Cuisines of Turkey Demonstration Class

  1. Always love cooking classes – by the sounds of it you didn’t get to participate in this particular one? Just eat and enjoy? 🙂 I love learning about other foods and cultures around the world and I try to take a class here and there when we visit outside of the USA. Turkey sounds like a great place to dive right into their cuisine.


    • No participation this time which is nice as they always send you home with so much food that I always have to find someone to share it with. I never took classes outside the U.S. and since I don’t travel much any more I will have to continue to enjoy the classes offered locally. Turkey has some excellent food – can’t wait to try some recipes 🙂


  2. Wow! This is so fun! I have never attended a cooking class – sad! I love everything especially that bread!! 😀 Thanks for sharing your experience at this week’s Fiesta Friday party!


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