Cuisines of Turkey Demonstration Class

I recently attended a demonstration class at Zingerman’s Bakehouse where Robyn Eckhardt shared her stories and recipes from Turkey’s cultural capital of Istanbul and included many of the diverse regions of Turkey. The recipes Robyn made from her first cookbook “Istanbul and Beyond: Exploring the Diverse Cuisines of Turkey” included Warming Cinnamon Tea, Cheese Fondue … Continue reading

Lunch and Brunch with Gale Gand

I was fortunate enough to attend Gale’s entertaining class this week with my two sisters at Zingerman’s Bakery here in Ann Arbor. We are always looking for some reason to get together and have fun and when I am organizing it there is usually food involved. These are two of Gale’s more recent books where … Continue reading

Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes with a Chocolate Frosting

I first became interested in adding bacon to baked goods when I saw a class was being offered by Zingerman’s here where I live which consisted of making peppered bacon farm bread, bacon cheddar scones and bacon pecan sandy cookies.  I have not taken this class yet but decided to look into what else you could do … Continue reading

King Arthur Flour Mardi Gras Cupcakes

For over 30 years I have made just cakes, and a lot of them.  In the past few years the latest trend has been cupcakes; I have collected numerous recipes, books, magazines – you would not believe how many recipes I have.   Finally I made my first cupcake with a granddaughter and I think I … Continue reading

Two Dipping Oils for Ciabatta or Focaccia

My sister and I took an Italian bread baking class earlier this month at Zingerman’s Bakery where we made ciabatta and focaccia.  Needless to say the bread was delicious.  As we froze some of it (we had a total of 8 loaves of bread, 2 poolish and dough to make 4 more loaves) we recently thawed some … Continue reading

Zingerman’s Famous Brownies

On one of my trips to Ace Hardware (my hardware store carries a lot of kitchen items) I ran across this cookbook, “Pure Michigan – Eating Fresh and Local in the Great Lakes State” from the editors at Midwest Living.  A beautiful book telling a story of many areas throughout the Great Lakes State as well … Continue reading