Lunch and Brunch with Gale Gand

I was fortunate enough to attend Gale’s entertaining class this week with my two sisters at Zingerman’s Bakery here in Ann Arbor. We are always looking for some reason to get together and have fun and when I am organizing it there is usually food involved. These are two of Gale’s more recent books where she made four recipes to share with us while we watched.  I had one cookbook already and bought the other one after the demonstration.


These are the goodies we got to taste; Pear Streusel Coffee Cake, Pea and Garlic Dip (very good), Devil Dogs and my favorite Cheese and Tomato Galette.  This recipe will appear on my blog in the near future as all three of us  liked this dish a lot!


So, who is Gale Gand?  I first heard of her when she hosted “Sweet Dreams” one of the Food Network’s long running shows.  She has authored 8 cookbooks, teaches classes throughout the country and makes her own “Gale’s Root Beer”.  She’s a pastry chef and partner of a new restaurant Spritz Burger and a partner in the Michelin one star restaurant, Tru, both in Chicago.  She has two James Beard Awards   and has been inducted to the Chicago Chefs Hall of Fame.  Besides that she is the mother of three.

In the picture below she is showing us her madeleine pan that once belonged to Julia Child.  What fun!!!


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