Kitchen Gadgets – Tomato Slicers

I know this is late in “tomato season” like it is here in Michigan. Plan ahead for next year and buy yourself one of these tomato slicers. I have been using this gadget for a few years and I absolutely love it. I have always had trouble cutting a straight thin slice of tomato for a sandwich or just to eat with a little salt and pepper and a tomato slicer is my answer.

One of Gene’s pet peeves was evenly sliced tomatoes and for some reason I could not do this.   The tomato slice started out thin but by the time I got to the other side it was fatter.   He always cut up the tomatoes – that was his job.  Zyliss has good products and I thought this was definitely a gadget I needed, especially with all the tomatoes that are consumed every season!

It comes in two parts; place the tomato on the bottom half and slowly press down the serrated top half giving you perfectly sliced tomatoes.  Tomatoes need to be on the firmer side – soft ones get kind of mushed because of the skins. I always core the tomatoes first too!

I’m sharing this “must have gadget” for all you tomato lovers at Fiesta Friday.

DSC_0675 DSC_0691  

Tomatoes that have been peeled don’t keep as nice a shape but they are still delicious! I have a family member who loves tomatoes but does not like the peel on fresh tomatoes…

25 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets – Tomato Slicers

  1. It must be so convenient now. I guess I should go get one for myself. Here they sell a similar one but they call it egg slicer. Never thought about using it for tomatoes.


  2. Cool! Yes I have a difficulty when I get to the end of a tomato, the slices are uneven, or worse yet, they collapse in on themselves. Not very nice when plating for a party… At any rate, thanks for bringing this to Fiesta Friday! Now that I’m moving into a larger kitchen, I may have room for some useful gadgets.


  3. This is quite similar to the popular egg slicer, aah but would this one and its serrated edges would be so practical for tomatoes! Thanks for sharing at Fiesta Friday!


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