Kitchen Gadgets – Kitchen Scales

I am the proud owner of three different kitchen scales. Okay, why do I need three? The Salter scale is an “antique” and I have had this one a long time. It is so attractive that it sits out on my counter and I use it when I don’t need precise weights.


The Soehnle Scale is easy to store (flat), easy to use and easy to clean. It can weigh up to 33 pounds, is accurate, good for large bowls and has a long shut-off time. It also measures in grams or ounces and accurately within 1 ounce. It is made of glass and plastic. I use this one a lot when weight is important in a recipe such as bread making.


EatSmart Precision Elite Kitchen Scale  is used for obvious reasons. I don’t use this professional scale too much any more as I have a pretty good idea of how much things weigh. After all I am a Lifetime Member of Weight Watcher’s even though I have added some pounds back to that milestone I once reached. It comes with a great EatSmart Calorie Factor Guide and does have a tare feature. It also has a large lighted display with a stainless steel platform.


22 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets – Kitchen Scales

  1. Looks like you can “weigh” your options when choosing a scale. 😉 I use my digital scale all the time…even when making a simple burger.


  2. Great choice of kitchen scales Judi. When in Lisbon on a recent visit, I took a baking class (Portuguese custard tarts), and just loved the digital scale that she used. Unfortunately, in America we use cup measurements, but I loved her grams/ounces feature and it was so precise it was great!


  3. I love your antique salter scale. I hate my digital scale, I forget to stock batteries and right when I need it the battery dies. The old fashioned scale is not just beautiful but practical.


    • Thanks Linda – the Salter scale looks great on my counter and I do use it frequently. I bought my first digital a few years ago – it is very accurate. I can see why bakers/cooks like to use them. I am slowly getting use to it 🙂

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    • I do use all three scales but the convenience of the Salter gets used more. I have been trying to use the digital scale more but it’s a slow process. I had the Salter and Weight Watcher ones for quite awhile and just in the past year or two purchased the Soehnle.

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