New Bumblebee Pictures

I just love my bees… I have all kinds of bees visiting my lavender right now which is one of their favorite plants. I did not harvest any flowers this year and my 12 plants are loaded with tons of beautiful blooms. This bumblebee has been working hard all day and has gathered lots of  pollen (the orange balls attached to a worker or queen back legs). For more information and pictures see Bumblebees Collecting Pollen in my Garden.

I took many pictures and finally got a shot that focused on this bumblebee which was worthy of posting. If you want bees in your garden and we all do don’t we –  plant some lavender as the bees go crazy over it.

Beautiful head shot don’t you think? Am I being stared at!!! Bumblebees have five eyes – two large ones on the front of their head and 3 smaller ones on the top of their head.



1-DSC_9407 (1)

1-DSC_9395 (1)

I am linking this post to Fiesta Friday #127 where Angie, Suzanne and Jess are hosting this weeks’ party.

This is a picture from 2014…


22 thoughts on “New Bumblebee Pictures

  1. I planted lavender for the first time this year but it’s small and hasn’t bloomed yet. My butterfly plants are just starting, though. I haven’t seen many bees on my flowers which make me nervous. I see people spraying their lawns for mosquitos and I know it will have an impact on our butterflies and bees.


    • You will love lavender Julie for its color, attraction to bees and it is an edible flower. I bet you will grow more next year! People need to build screened in porches to keep the mosquitos away and quit spraying. Any chemical will have an impact – how much remains to be seen.


  2. Lavender is one of my favorites and I love the bees it’s attracts too 🙂 I only wish I know where they were making my lavender honey at! Some day I’ll track it down 🐝


    • It’s very easy to make your own lavender honey – you just need lavender flowers and a mild honey such as clover. Heat the honey and lavender flowers for about 30-40 minutes. Lavender can vary in its strength – just taste test to get the flavor you like. A lot cheaper too. 🙂

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  3. You’re brave to get so close to a bumblebee! Great shot, tho. I’m surprised that my lavender is still doing great, with all of the sporadic rain we’ve had.


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