Lavender Loaf Cake With Pistachios, Lime and Lemon

I frequently see recipes I want to make and I will print the recipe and put it in a file to make later. However, there are a few times when I run across a recipe that I want to make right now. Chef Ronit’s lavender loaf cake is one of those recipes. See Funny … Continue reading

Lemon-Lavender Brioche French Toast

It’s the middle of November and my lavender still looks pretty good, even though it is the second flowering of the year which always means reduced flowers. The smell and taste is just as wonderful as it was in the summer. With 15 plants I am very happy this is a perennial in Michigan. One good thing … Continue reading

Fresh Berries with Lavender Cream

This is a special dessert which I made “way back when” I first became interested in using flowers in cooking. I also was not concerned about calories as you can tell by the ingredients. This is a delicious custard cream topped with some fresh berries – simple but oh so good. This was the beginning … Continue reading

Honeybees in my Garden

Honeybees are hard at work today enjoying all the sweet nectar of my lavender flowers. They are fun to watch as they flit back and forth to flowers but sometimes hard to capture in a photo. Many attempts  later and I am proud to share some photos of these hard working bees who are so valuable in … Continue reading

New Bumblebee Pictures

I just love my bees… I have all kinds of bees visiting my lavender right now which is one of their favorite plants. I did not harvest any flowers this year and my 12 plants are loaded with tons of beautiful blooms. This bumblebee has been working hard all day and has gathered lots of  pollen … Continue reading

Lavender-Infused Mom Collins

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!  This refreshing drink appeared in an email from Joy the Baker.  I loved the idea of using lavender as every year I harvest the flowers, dry them and save for future recipes such as this.  This is a great spring/summer drink for those who enjoy lavender as much as I do. I’m … Continue reading

Chicken with Lavender, Lemon and Thyme

When I first saw this recipe by Chef Julianna @ foodieonboard I knew this recipe would be good.  I mean lavender, lemon and thyme – how fresh and summery!  I  tweaked  her recipe just a little by using chicken breasts instead of thighs and adding more fresh thyme.  This is absolutely delicious and is now … Continue reading

Lavender and Rosemary Scented Walnuts

Spiced nuts, whether they are walnuts,  pecans or in a mix with other nuts are always good for appetizers or to dress up salads. I have a number of recipes that I have already posted and this one is adapted from Midwest Living.  These have such a nice, mild floral taste – just delicious!   … Continue reading

Chocolate Lavender Brownies

A couple of weeks ago I harvested a lot of lavender buds and they are finally dry and ready for recipes – I have 15 plants (English Lavender ‘Hidcote’) so I always have plenty of fresh lavender to use.  I just need to get out there and cut them before the buds open.  Actually, when the buds on … Continue reading