Kitchen Gadgets – KitchenAid Spiralizer

KitchenAid just introduced a new attachment called the spiralizer for their different models of KitchenAid Stand Mixers. Did you know that the first KitchenAid stand mixer was introduced in 1914?  I am on my second mixer which is bigger and more powerful. The first one made it through 30+ years of moderate to heavy use.

This gadget is hands-free and a fun way to get creative with different vegetables and fruits. It is extremely easy to use and attach to the stand mixer; easy to clean and comes in its own neat box for storage. There are 5 blades with  up to 9 combinations of spiralizing, slicing, peeling and coring. It may look like a weapon but it sure does work beautifully!

I am very happy with all of the blades but the peeler. Looking at the pictures below you can see what I am talking about with the potato I tried to peel. The one disadvantage to this kitchen gadget is all of the veggies or fruits need to be of uniform size and you have to line them up just right so the blades work for you. You also need to buy vegetables that are at least 2″ wide. The Farmers Market carries wide homegrown carrots and zucchini.

I am still experimenting with various vegetables/fruits and will add to this post as I try them out.

DSC_6826 DSC_6827 DSC_6828 DSC_6830

DSC_6864 DSC_6866DSC_6844  DSC_6843 DSC_6833 DSC_6933

These spiral carrots are perfect in a stir-fry…

DSC_6934  DSC_6835  DSC_6841


DSC_6853 DSC_6855

I served these very yummy, lightly salted, crispy potatoes with a beautiful, grilled filet mignon and a salad with my cherry tomatoes 🙂 It does not get any better than that!


The apple slicer and corer worked like a charm and I made some apple chips, which is a favorite snack.

DSC_6837 DSC_6839 DSC_6838 DSC_6840

Yes, I do have another spiralizer but it is manually driven.  That will be another post!


17 thoughts on “Kitchen Gadgets – KitchenAid Spiralizer

  1. I love kitchen gadgets! KitchenAid has fabulous attachments, including the ones for mincing meats and making sausages. I used to collect all kinds of gadgets until I downsized my life. Gave away bunch and do not have space for any new ones. I’m envying. 😉


  2. Great post Judi. I’m on my second KitchenAide but only because it’s larger but I still have my 30 year old one too. I love the pasta attachments, and am trying to justify the spiralizer. I don’t know why, it will probably be in my cupboard soon. I love the look of those fries!


    • They sure are a workhorse aren’t they? My first one broke and it was fun to get a yellow one that was bigger and more powerful. I love their attachments and usually they work pretty good. The fries were delicious and do not take long to cook, the apple slicer and corer was a big hit too. The carrots I put in a stir-fry – need to post that picture.

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      • My second on is red and I love it! I can’t imagine how people live without them. The apple slicer would replace my apple slicer/corer that is a pain, and I am sure it would be a great way to make a quick stir fry or freeze veggies for soup or stews.


    • I own both spiralizers and especially like the electric one for apples and potatoes (so far). I use a lot of them and doing it manually has been a problem. I am on stand mixer No. 2 – I use it a lot and cannot imagine life without it 🙂 It has a special place on my counter!


  3. Ahh so that’s what a spiralizer looks like, I’ve kind of seen it here and there. It seems to be the new thing around eh? Or this is the more recent version I guess. I did look into purchasing one, but honestly since we’ve downsized, I’m trying to keep gadgets to a minimum :). I do have one that I can use for making spaghetti strips with veggies though, it looks like a potato peeler. I do like yours and the different uses for it.


      • Oh gosh, that is a lot of work then Judi….did I know you were widowed? Oh my, I’m so sorry. I’ve been searching around for some cooking lessons here, I guess there are some if you really look for them. I’m on a mission now and you’ve inspired me. xo

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