Kitchen Gadgets – Baguette Baker

My new and red stoneware baguette baker is my latest addition in my kitchen.  It makes three 13-1/2″  traditional thin (2-1/4″) crispy French baguettes.  Mine were not that long but the flavor and crust were there on all three loaves. My loaves rose up and not lengthwise so much. The lid traps the steam to replicate the environment of a steam-injected oven which allows the bread to expand.  It also gelantinizes the dough’s starches to create a very crispy crust which is a main characteristic of artisan bread.

It is made by Emile Henry of France and I purchased it through one of my favorite baking sources, King Arthur Flour, or KAF.  It is oven, freezer and dishwasher safe.  The test bakers found it is better to spray the bottom part pan with non-stick cooking spray versus the traditional sprinkled flour so the bread releases cleanly.  However, one loaf rose a little too much on one side and stuck to the top. The top is very porous but I will try spraying it the next time I bake bread.  See Overnight Crusty Baguettes.

You can check the reviews on KAF and read mainly good comments.  I was very happy the first time I made the baguettes and plan to make them often.  Making bruschetta is a favorite appetizer so I will use this kitchen gadget often. Go here for the recipe – next will be sourdough loaves!

Update: In October of 2016 the lid was damaged, or rather cracked – I’m not sure how or when it happened. I felt it was not safe to use  and now I will be using my metal bread baguette baker.  I have had trouble with another ceramic product cracking by Emile Henry. I’m not sure if it was my neglect or the baker itself. But 1-1/2 years and using it only a handful of  times does not even begin to equal the money it cost.

1-DSC_5883 1-DSC_5885

1-DSC_5904 1-DSC_5897


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