Sunshine Award

First of all I want to thank  those special people who have felt my blog was of value by nominating me for The Sunshine Award in the past few weeks.  Indu and Ngan – you have shown me so much kindness since I joined Angie’s weekly party with your friendliness, comments and interest in the posts I make.    This is what makes me happy and the fact that I have learned so much about you as well.

I do not want to seem like a “snob” but even getting the kinks out to party at Angie’s  has been work enough.  Ask Angie, I think on the fifth Fiesta I finally could link and add my posts without her help. Hats off to Angie as she had so much patience with  me, especially since I have participated for the entire 8 weeks so far!  I have been learning about computers on my own and it has been fun but sometimes very frustrating.  Accepting these thoughtful awards is not for me right now.  Maybe some day …

As you know I am an Auntie but I am also a “granny” who has been widowed for over 5 years now.  Having a cooking blog has been  helping with my healing process as Gene was a big part of my life and the cooking/eating/traveling and life in general  we shared together.  I miss him very much…  He was also my computer expert and would be extremely proud of how far I have come –  we could have had so much more fun!

Anyways, it has been great getting to know so many people, all of the different things we cook, where we come from, our many talents.  I wish I could write like so many of you – now photography I think I can learn a lot more, especially from bloggers like Patty who is willing to share her knowledge about getting better photos.

I also need to take some time off  from posting recipes as the extra weight is catching up with me. I think I deserve a break after blogging for over 2 years and posting  662 recipes.   I still want to see what people are up to so I will continue to comment and maybe occasionally I will post a Weight Watcher’s recipe.   So, I have not gone away, I am just taking care of some things in my life.

Happy Spring, Cooking and Gardening 🙂

16 thoughts on “Sunshine Award

  1. First of all, I’m glad you’re not going away! Second, the awards you received were well deserved 🙂 You have a wonderful blog, and I’ll look forward to your future posts as you get a rest from blogging. You are “Sunshine” indeed 😀 Rest up, enjoy life being an Auntie & Granny, know Gene is probably smiling down on you with pride and know your blogging friends are patiently awaiting your next post!


  2. Juju, you so deserve the awards AND the break. You’ve generously shared with us so many of your excellent recipes. I’m so happy to hear that partying with us @Fiesta Friday has helped you be more comfortable with your computer and camera. I might say the same thing about myself. It’s great to know that you will still be visiting and commenting. XOXO


  3. Judi, enjoy your time being an auntie and a granny–everyone deserves to kick up their feet! I would not want blogging to overwhelm you or take a toll on your health and appreciate so much how you reached out and gave me information on recipes. Plus, I have 662 recipes of yours to work through–that might take years! Get some R&R and enjoy Spring!


  4. Don’t go away, Juju!! I’d miss you too much! I hope you enjoy your break. Maybe your next blogging phase can be a photography one! You won’t have to worry about calories there, plus I’ll be more than happy to help with any questions you have! It was very sweet of you to mention me in your post. It made my Monday! 😀


  5. Hi Judi! You have posted 662 recipes???? Well, I am in complete awe! It is all I can do to post 1 per week. Oh my goodness, enjoy your break and time to nurture other aspects of your life! I will catch up on your blog while you’re away 🙂


  6. Awww….Juju…glad to hear you’re not completely going away. It sounds like you are deserving of some nice down time. I have enjoyed your blog so much during my journey here in an unfamiliar land. Thanks for following me and thanks for sharing so many wonderful recipes and ideas. May you thoroughly enjoy your time away from the computer and blogging world. May God watch over you. 🙂


  7. I have enjoyed your blog as well especially all of your creative recipes and what to do with leftovers. I need a recipe to follow and then I make adjustments. I appreciate everyone’s kind comments and I just want to slow down a bit; as you know blogging can be very time consuming and maybe too much pressure for me right now. Anyways I will still read, “like” “comment” and enjoy all my blogging friends posts as I cannot stay away from all of the excitement. Besides, I am just learning so much! I just need to quit cooking and think “healthy” so I will post my drafts that have not been published yet and I have quite a few 🙂


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