Look who surprised me while I harvested my lettuce in one of my garden containers. As I started to cut this lettuce out he popped – some kind of a tree frog perhaps? He also looks like he’s shedding his skin! June 6th – I think my little guest is a Cope’s Gray Tree Fog. They … Continue reading

My Nephew Travis’ Motorcycle Trip

My nephew Travis has started his year long motorcycle trip. So many adventures he is going to have – hopefully all good! Such is the technology available to him as he can document his entire trip and upload pictures and drone footage on his WP blog. He also has a GPS tracker to see where … Continue reading

22,600 Views for …

Could you even begin to guess what post/recipe of mine received this many views (24,458 total) out of more than 700 posts?   Instead of reposting it I am providing a link in case you would like to see the recipe.  It happens to be Stuffed Cabbage Rolls –  Weight Watcher’s Version.  There are obviously … Continue reading

Baby Snapping Turtle

Oh happy days I saved a baby turtle today.  As I was just about to get into my car to run some errands, lo and behold I could see this baby turtle in my driveway.  Upon closer examination it is a snapper – a long ways from some water at least for a little guy … Continue reading

Sunshine Award

First of all I want to thank  those special people who have felt my blog was of value by nominating me for The Sunshine Award in the past few weeks.  Indu and Ngan – you have shown me so much kindness since I joined Angie’s weekly party with your friendliness, comments and interest in the posts I make.    This is … Continue reading

One Final Flight | Flying Magazine

One Final Flight | Flying Magazine. Before Age 65, One Final Flight               By Bethany Whitfield                    /                    Published: Feb 25, 2014 Related Tags: Pilots, Adventures & More, Flying Opinion The author and her dad sitting in a 737 cockpit before his last airline flight as PIC.   Enlarge Photo Like so many of us who … Continue reading

Kitchen Gadgets – Cookies for the Rim of Your Coffee Cup

While browsing through my local baking store I ran across this Christmas cookie cutter set by Wilton Products (see 4 more sets below). The gingerbread man first attracted me as I collect many gingerbread items including almost 30 cookie cutters.  The reindeer is pretty cute too!  Then when I read  the cookies hang over the edge of a … Continue reading

Veal (or Chicken) Colombo with Palmina Sauce

This is another very old recipe and dates back to the time when my favorite news channel, WXYZ-TV hosted a weekly “Friday Feast” where they would highlight a local restaurant.  This recipe came from The Victorian Room located in Warren, Michigan.  At some point it was called Costanzo’s Victorian Room and then in 2000 they … Continue reading

Vegetable Ribbons Three Ways

I like to prepare these ribbons ahead of time and then cook briefly  in a butter/olive oil mixture.    This recipe is quick and is a very tasty side dish that goes well with any entrée.  The second recipe is from Midwest Living magazine and the third is a Weight Watcher’s recipe which includes goat cheese. Just … Continue reading

Oven Fried Chicken Two Ways

A very good baked fried chicken that is soaked in buttermilk overnight.  I compared the recipes I had and the first one posted below was different because of the mayonnaise.  I have always soaked my chicken, fried or baked, in buttermilk for probably 35 years.   An idea from an old neighbor who made all of the … Continue reading