Bloody Punch for Halloween

There are so many punch recipes to make throughout the year, especially for Halloween and this punch is definitely a winner.  The special attraction to this recipe by Ree Drummond (Pioneer Woman) was the frozen hand in the punch.  I have not made a “frozen hand” in a long time 🙂  This recipe was in my October, 2013 Food Network Magazine.  Then knowing what a kid-friendly chef she is I knew her recipe would be good.  This is an excellent punch to use any time of the year and a recipe I will refer to when I need a non-alcoholic punch for a crowd.

Bloody Punch for Halloween

All of the ingredients should be chilled before serving.

  • 3 cups Hawaiian red fruit punch
  • one 1 liter (4 cups) strawberry daiquiri mix
  • two liters (8 cups) Dr. Pepper Cherry
  • one (46 oz.) bottle Fusion 8 concord grape-raspberry juice
  • one liter (4 cups) ginger ale

Fill a powder-free latex glove with just the fruit punch and tie closed.  Hang from a rack in your freezer for at least 6 hours or overnight.

When you are ready to serve combine the remaining fruit punch and the rest of the ingredients.  Be sure to stir well as the daiquiri mix is rather syrupy and will sink to the bottom.  Peel or cut off the glove and carefully drop into the punch.  Adults and children will enjoy this tasty beverage.  This recipe fit my punch bowl perfectly.


DSC_1115 1-DSC_1116

Comment:  The hand ice mold is a little fragile as I broke off the “baby finger as I was turning it over (there was a glare on top of the hand and I could not get a good picture so I turned it over in the punch!)

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