Camp Bacon

One of the springtime events here in Ann Arbor is Camp Bacon.  As you can imagine it is all about bacon from eating to learning all about this treat that many people have eaten sometime in their life.

This is a fundraiser organized by Zingerman’s for the Southern Foodways Alliance, a food-based educational nonprofit.  Established in 1999, in Birmingham, Alabama this organization is dedicated to the documentation and celebration of the diverse food cultures of the south.

This is Zingerman’s  fourth annual year and the festivities last  four days beginning on May 30th with a Bacon Ball dinner where diners get to taste bacon that is smoked, boiled, fried, baked and grilled.   There is a class on Friday (filled up already of course) where participants will learn how to make peppered bacon farm bread, bacon cheddar scones and bacon pecan sandy cookies. The main event is  all day on  Saturday beginning with breakfast followed by a number of speakers   discussing all things about bacon.   It ends on Sunday,  June 1st with a street fair filled with bacon tasting, bacon crafts, bacon games and all around bacon fun.  I hope I can get over to Kerrytown on Sunday!

I grew up on Oscar Mayer Bacon and to this day this is what I serve (I also use Turkey Bacon now too) whether with breakfast, in a sandwich or perhaps some baked goods.  Over the years I have ventured into trying other bacons such as applewood smoked bacon but never realized there are so many varieties.  I recently started to read “Zingerman’s Guide to Bacon:  Stories of Pork Bellies, Hush Puppies, Rock N’ Roll Music and Bacon Fat Mayonnaise”.  Forty two different ways to use bacon in recipes are included.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004

For this holiday weekend in honor of “bacon” I am going to make Dark Chocolate Bacon Cupcakes and Bacon Jam.  I will post these recipes soon…

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