MARDI GRAS Oreos With Chocolate Transfers

Using a plain Oreo cookie mold I made these yummy cookies with a Mardi Gras chocolate transfer on top of each cookie.    You can find these chocolate transfers online.   Search “Oreos” for all of my other recipes using Oreo cookies, mini and large, as well as all of the different molds.  I have molds for all of the holidays, gardening and general such as a “smiley face”.

  • plain Oreo cookie mold
  • double stuffed Oreo cookies
  • chocolate transfer sheets
  • white chocolate

Melt the chocolate wafers for 50 seconds, then 30 and then another 30 seconds until the chocolate is smooth.  Spoon a little chocolate into each circle, add the Oreo, then more chocolate to cover.

Cut out small squares of the chocolate transfer and place rough side down on the soft chocolate.  You want to do this right away before the chocolate hardens.

IMG_2339 Place in the freezer for 10-15 minutes or 30-60 minutes in the refrigerator.  Pop out each cookie, then peel off the transfers.  I trim around the edges to make them smooth.

This design shows up better on white chocolate versus milk or dark chocolate.



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