Parade Punch For Mardi Gras

Oscars tonight and Mardi Gras tomorrow (actually Tuesday) – I just had to make this punch to celebrate two special events. Fill a glass full of ice, add rum to taste (optional), followed by a punch base full of fresh fruit juices, lemon-lime soda and a touch of grenadine to fill your glass. Then a splash … Continue reading

King Cake Scones

Mardi Gras is just around the corner and will be celebrated in the US on February 28th this year. Making a traditional “King Cake” has been on my list of recipes to try for a long time.  Once again I made something different but I am very happy I did. First I made  cupcakes with a granddaughter … Continue reading

Maple Bacon Paczki

Yes, it’s true Maple Bacon Paczki to celebrate Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras.  Paczki filled with yummy cream and topped with maple and bacon!  I found these at my local Busch’s store  in Ann Arbor, Michigan – how lucky can I get 🙂 See my homemade version here. Maybe next year I will try  this … Continue reading

King Cake Using Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls

For two years now I have been wanting to make an authentic King Cake.  So, I was not going to let another year go by without doing something.  This idea comes from David Gaus, chef of the Bayou Bakery.  A few dollars for some Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls, colored sugar and of course a “baby” and in … Continue reading

Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday and Paczki

Mardi Gras – Fat Tuesday – Paczki Day is this coming Tuesday, March 4th.  I have not had time to make something new so I am reposting this recipe from January 23, 2012.  The pictures are of two of my grandkids who helped me make these yummy treats some time ago.  As you can see we … Continue reading

Lucky Player King Cake Cocktail

I only traveled through New Orleans once on our way to Texas from Florida and I have been to two Mardi Gras themed parties in my life.  One was a benefit/dinner dance in my hometown (Gene was on several boards and did a lot of volunteer work for our community) and the other time was a surprise … Continue reading

MARDI GRAS Oreos With Chocolate Transfers

Using a plain Oreo cookie mold I made these yummy cookies with a Mardi Gras chocolate transfer on top of each cookie.    You can find these chocolate transfers online.   Search “Oreos” for all of my other recipes using Oreo cookies, mini and large, as well as all of the different molds.  I have molds for … Continue reading