Kitchen Gadgets – Variable Temperature Kettle (for tea)

This gadget for heating water has replaced my Le Creuset whistling tea kettle, due to a lot of iron  when we lived out in the country.   It heats water to different temperatures depending on the type of tea you are drinking; 175 degrees for green, 185 for white, 195 for oolong, 200 for French press and 212 degrees for black tea.  What a convenient item to have and the water does not take very long to heat.

Of course the temperature will depend on the type of tea you buy.  I recently bought some loose tea (versus the bags) from Teavana, a store in my local mall.  The girl recommended 145 degrees instead of 175 degrees for their Jasmine Dragon Pearls, which is a green tea.

At this store they have  a really neat Breville gadget that makes its own tea (versus just the water).  I cannot justify the expense for that gadget right now…



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