Kitchen Gadgets – Weber Electric Grills

This has turned out to be a very good investment for me and much more practical than gas or charcoal.  We use to have a large gas grill, I did most of the grilling but my husband would get the gas tanks, hook it up, etc.   I have never been real comfortable dealing with gas.

I got the idea from a neighbor who had just purchased one.  Right now they come in 2 sizes – I have the smaller version (probably should have bought the bigger one – see below as I finally did after 2 months using the smaller one).  Just plug it in and you are good to go.  Right now I have it in my garage so I can cook comfortably any time of the year and weather is never a problem.

So, if you are cooking mainly for yourself, do not like messing with dirty charcoal or the uncertainty of gas, buy yourself an electric grill!

There is one disadvantage and that is you can only cook for an hour.  So, maybe I will not be able to grill a turkey breast any more, but there are so many other food items  that cook under an hour.  Actually, now with two electric grills I can rotate between the two and cook things  that need more than 1 hour.

After using the Q140 for a couple of months I found I needed a bigger grill.   Cooking for two does not always give enough room to do an entree and a vegetable and possibly some bread.  So…..I bought the bigger Q240 to have as well.

1-IMG_1854 1-IMG_1853


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