Kitchen Gadgets – Panini Maker

This machine makes great, grilled sandwiches.  Everything is better when it’s cooked on a panini grill.  Both sides are grilled at the same while pressing the bread slightly, heating the ingredients and melting the cheese.

I have a Krups panini maker with a non-stick grill.  It will make a few sandwiches at a time and only takes a few minutes.   You can use all kinds of bread and all kinds of ingredients.  I have had fun over the years trying different sandwiches  (see category Sandwiches). Oprah calls a panini sandwich she makes her “love sandwich” – I would call this machine my “love machine”.

Comment:  A couple of comments about building a better panini.  The thinner the bread slices, the faster the cheese will melt and the quicker the panini filling will cook.  Any kind of bread is good to use depending on your tastes and the best flavor to go with the filling.

I found that shredded cheese melts faster and you do not have to use as much.  Use good cheese for the best taste.

Fresh is best and use good quality ingredients.  I try to use fresh turkey or ham versus the processed meats in little packages.   I plan ahead when I am cooking one of these meats to include sandwiches the next day.

Sweet varieties like spinach go well with proscuitto, turkey or smoked salmon.  Spicy greens like watercress are best with roast beef.

Condiments and ingredients such as lettuce or tomatoes can soften the bread too much, so do not use a lot.



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