Kitchen Gadgets – Stove-top Grill for Roasting Peppers

This is a handy gadget to have for roasting a couple of peppers.  I do not like to roast these in the oven as I like to be able to turn them frequently.    You can roast them whole for chiles rellenos which are stuffed or  roast them cut in half to put in dishes.   All you do is rub them with vegetable oil, roast on medium low (gas stove) and turn them often as they blister.  It does take awhile.  Roasting on a gas grill is a preferred method also.

You can buy these grills,  called chile pepper grill, from

2 poblano peppers – sure wish mine would have grown this big in my garden!


Peppers starting to blacken – flat pieces are much easier to blacken all over, unless you are making Chile Rellenos and then the peppers need to roast whole.


Poblano pepper blackened and ready to stuff for Chiles Rellenos


I have to admit I would much rather use my electric grill outside to roast these peppers, more room, they cook more evenly and are done in about 15 minutes.  However, in a pinch, the grill on top of the stove is great for a couple of peppers.

Oiled and ready to roast… and blackened skins ready for a recipe…



See my recipe Roasted Peppers.


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