Baked Cauliflower Hot Wings with a Dipping Sauce

A favorite vegetable becomes an appetizer dipping the florets in a  flavorful batter, baking them,  drizzling  with hot sauce and crisping them up under the broiler.  I do have to admit you do not get the crispy texture when you deep fry but they do have that great “hot wings” flavor and it is all … Continue reading

Sausage, Cranberries and Apple Dressing With Fresh Herbs

Even though it is after Thanksgiving I had to share this “new favorite” dressing. This would make a great side not only with turkey but ham – think holiday dinners!  It is my fourth dressing/stuffing recipe and my second one with sausage.  Besides sausage this recipe has cranberries and apples in it and I also … Continue reading

Martha’s Vineyard Salad

This is one of my favorite salads with a Raspberry-Maple Dressing.  Since the first time I tried this house salad at the Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor after I graduated from college,  (my Dad took the family there to celebrate my Bachelors Degree in Education) to the many times I have made this recipe for … Continue reading

Red Jalapeno Jam Vinaigrette

I am always looking for ways to use the products I can, such as my Red Jalapeno Jam or Jelly.  This recipe appeared in a Southern Living magazine but they used red bell pepper jelly not the hot red jalapeno jam I used.  This dressing is very good and perfect on a tossed salad.

Moveable Feast’s Vegetable Vinaigrette Dressing

I seem to recall that the Moveable Feast first started out as a bakery in Kerrytown in Ann Arbor, Michigan many, many years ago.  I remember their great bread which I always had to buy when a special nephew, Denny, came to visit.   Owners Dan and Carol Huntsbarger then had two restaurants; Daniel’s on Liberty and Dan’s River … Continue reading